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Yes, 9 is the stem length in the graphic you have pictured.


The problem with plastic welding with a heat gun is the concentration of heat, I think you allude to this in your post. When/if you can concentrate a heat gun's output on a small area and concentrate the heat you can get the level of heat that's required to melt the crack along a 'bead'. The tip that's required will often back up the heat in the gun and ...


Use something like 3M Command Utility Hooks. They stick on but can be removed without leaving any sticky adhesive behind. I would not hang anything more substantial than that from a plastic interior panel because those panels are usually just held on by trim clips that cannot take much weight in the first place.


Depending on what is behind the panels, a bolt with wide washers could be all you need. I'd probably go down the glue route myself, or possibly even fix velcro tabs to the plastic with velcro-backed hooks, but if you are wanting to hang things from them, you'll want them to be solid and either way will leave marks if you ever do decide to remove them.


You can use acetone to melt and weld ABS plastic. Simply apply acetone to the broken edges and hold them together firmly. You could then reinforce it from behind the skirt by using epoxy (loctite?) to glue improvised braces. Alternatively, you could use scrap ABS as braces and stick them using acetone as well. I found this video among many other ...

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