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In my case (307 series) the answer is NO. That's because LED lights to have to be huge to produce enough light to be similar to halogen ones and almost always you have to change the entire light-block, not only the bulbs.


GE makes a line of Nighthawk LED headlights which might be suitable. They claim to exceed all DOT requirements, and they also claim to be less obnoxious to oncoming drivers than HID lamps. They're promoted as being highly durable and suitable for off-road use. Sylvania produces the XEVO line There are also many smaller companies offering LED headlights, ...


Most probably, you need an alignment. The part of alignment which causes your wheel to return to center is called caster (the other two major portions of alignment are toe-in and camber). Here is a representation of the caster alignment: This website gives a pretty good explanation of caster and how it affects driving in your car: When you turn the ...


In general, for all the temperature sensors (just a simple thermistors, i.e. resistors changing value according with the temperature): If indication is: - Large Value, e.g. -40, the sensor is not connected and the circuit is open. If indication is: + Large Value, .e.g. +40, there is short circuit. Note: even when you connect the sensor and correct the ...

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