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i think you can use the washable filters depending on the model and availability.It would be cost effective and better to use because of built-in one.It is experienced that when we replace the built-in one with the new , performance goes down usually.


That's a broad question, and I'm a Subaru geek, not a VAG geek, but I'll share my never-humble opinion. Any flash that increases performance obviously increases stresses. A proper remap with careful logs and monitoring might improve the longevity of any performance enhancement. Then again, you never get something for nothing (despite the billion-dollar ...


A bit of experience from the turbo dodge world (84-93 2.2/2.5l turbo engines) There were cast and forged connecting rods. Cast were said to hold about 200hp, where forged would hold about 400hp without issues. There were cast and forged cranks, but I don't remember of ever hearing about crank issues. The engines all came with cast pistons. If you got ...


Forging is a process where hot metal of the rough shape is then very forcibly squished by exact shape dies, severely compressing the metal or alloy molecules. There are internal tensions created within the structure, which ultimately resist sheer and tension stresses by having a reserve of counterbalanced "forces" due to the myriad of tiny forge-created ...

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