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It signifies that the car is running absolutely correct. Here is the reason why: A gasoline (petrol) molecule is made up as such: C8H18 (or 8 Carbon atoms and 18 Hydrogen atoms) Energy is obtained from the combustion of it by the conversion of a hydrocarbon to carbon dioxide and water. The combustion of octane follows this reaction: 2 C8H18 + 25 O2 → ...


The car has not been driving long. As the others have said, the water comes from the combustion of the fuel. When the exhaust system is cold, it cools the exhaust enough that the water can condense. After a while of operation, the exhaust system heats up. The same water vapor is present in the exhaust, but it stays vapor and doesn't drip.


Every gallon of fuel your vehicle burns produces a gallon of water out of the exhaust. If the weather is cold you will see it as steam. If the rear of the exhaust system is still cold even in warm weather it will be for a short time after start-up, you will see the drips. On a hot engine/exhaust you will not see any drips from the tail-pipe. If there are ...


A 'sudden' drop in mileage means a component has failed, especially if it was some time after the service. The first thing to do in this sort of event is to do a leak-off test on the injectors. If an injector has failed this will show it. A faulty injector will allow a lot more fuel through, usually accompanied with black smoke from the exhaust. Second ...

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