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It's called a coolant flange. Not totally familiar your your engine but there is usually two of them mounted to the engine. They are made out of plastic and are prone to cracking. I had to replace one last year on my Golf. As the others have said, be sure to get an OEM part since this is not very expensive and the OEM part should last a lot longer than a ...


tl;dr: it's really called a coolant flange. I had also never heard of a coolant flange but it turns out that it's a real part and, based on the video, it's a part that fails around 120K miles (which sounds reasonable for the age of your vehicle. An example of a coolant flange repair. Some examples of coolant flanges (which seem to be common for Audis and ...


White smoke from a diesel is normally an indication that combustion isn't reaching full temperature, but I'm confused that it's coming from the centre of the car,with the engine running is there full flow coming from the tail pipe of the exhaust ?

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