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While it is difficult to diagnose car sounds over the Internet, I would say pretty confidently that the sound is coming from the transmission for the reasons below; You have stated that the pitch of the sound follows the speed of the vehicle, which would lead me to believe this is specifically the final drive or 'differential' (inside the transmission on a ...


Seems the internal mechanism had failed. In my case, I had the calliper replaced by the dealer (they have proven themselves trusted, competent and pragmatic in the past).


Is the cable jacketed? If it is it may be broken inside the jacket.


Sounds like the the parking brake mechanism that pushes against the parking brake pads has seized, probably due to wear/corrosion/brakedust. I would take it apart and apply a very thin amount of high temp anti-seize to the joints. If this is the case you might also feel the brake shudder at certain speeds too because it should be the same as driving around ...

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