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I wouldn't risk it. If the water pump fails you can easily cook the engine, leading to no end of problems (failed head gasket, warped head, etc). The temperature gauge will only give you an accurate reading if the coolant is flowing through the engine - if it isn't you will end up with hot spots very quickly. A lot of modern cars have an ecu-controlled ...


I agree, you don't want to take the seller's word for it. This could be a serious problem. If it is indeed an "oil pickup pipe" that's dirty, that means oil is not flowing through the engine properly. That means more wear on every moving part in the engine, particularly if the current owner has ignored the problem and continued to drive the car. Without ...


Sounds like a simple case of driving too fast in the rain. There's only so much water that tires can push out of the way, and the effectiveness drops as the tires wear, water depth increases, and speed increases.


This PDF file seems to have good instructions: http://home.comcast.net/~slashpub/headlights/ReplacingHeadlightBulbs.pdf I haven't tried this myself on a Passat, though the final pieces seem vaguely similar to my New Beetle.

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