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Paulster2 is correct. They can look up the part number. They may need to ask you some questions to figure out which harness you're after which may involve looking at some diagrams. When dealing with parts departments I find taking a box of doughnuts works wonders. You might be able to find it yourself by browsing/searching fordparts.com (Official Ford ...


Buy the used parts. $4500 is almost the price of an entire car. If you want to save lots of money, do the paint prep work yourself. You'll need to watch an instructional video on doing it properly, but it's basically LOTS of sanding with various grades of sandpaper and possibly filling dents in with body-filler. It's a long and tedious job, but you'll feel ...


The best value for money on non-turbo cars is to get a more aggressive camshaft installed. a 276 degree cam will give you the best blend of power and driveability. After that, you can have your head ported and gasflowed. Round it off with a slightly larger exhaust and a software update. But you'll only gain about 20hp in total if you're lucky.


there a lot you can do, first I would advise you to do brake upgrade, Brembo has some slotted discs PN 09.7011.75 for front PN 08.7165.75 for rear + pads PN P 85 041 front and PN P 85 020 rear, then you could instal K&N sport filter in OEM filter box PN 33-2128, or you could chose one from two K&N filter kits, cone PN 57-0620/sport box+filter PN ...

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