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I use rockauto.com extensively, as they seem to have all the parts and numbers to go with them. If it were a GM product, I'd use gmpartsdirect.com as they have a great database as well. I don't know if there is anything like that for Mazda parts (or Ford parts for the crossover of that). I'll see if I can find something when I get home this evening. While ...


Apparently there are two different grills (at least) for different models of your vehicle. 71121-TR3-A01 fits the following vehicles: 71121-TR3-A11 fits the following vehicles: So it's basically the difference between the GX and EX models in this instance.


Use Honda's website, dude. Call the dealer and ask if you can buy the parts book. http://estore.honda.com/honda/parts/view-honda-parts-catalog-detail.asp?m=2014-civic-4-ex-cvt&sn=&b=B++45&dl=


I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I often reverse engineer through looking at online sources like rockauto.com. I will find the part I need on there. Many of them will have the associated original part number if not the original parts listed themselves.


If you do not let car sit for than 2 months, it is fine. No long term damage to car. When we talk about long term, 6 months is more appropriate. But you need a battery maintainer to charge the battery if you don't drive for more than 2 weeks. Charge battery once a week with maintainer. Car batteries are very delicate in that they suffer significant damage ...


It looks like you can tell by the vin. It appears to be asking engine code - that's the eighth digit. See if it matches the R or T shown in the part description there, and that should give you your answer.


The thrust bearing which is listed in some of the kits is a "nice to have", but isn't needed every time. They do not normally wear out, so replacing them is probably on a case-by-case basis. I'd take a look at the old thrust plate and see if there is any galling on it. If so, then replace the plate and the needle bearings. If it looks good with minimal wear ...

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