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Thats what we do. Car exhausts, truck exhausts, your exhaust. All day, every day. Just the way you want. So dont buy off-the-shelf. Get a custom exhaust or performance ehxaust from Vogue Performance at:


It's possibly viable The 1cm of fork that is available to mount a clip-on to is a concern Locktite will not make it any safer Options Depending on how invested you are in clip-on's you could use standard cafe bike handlebars and mount them to your risers just like current handlebars are mounted. Back in the 80's we used to just flip handlebars over in ...


As @DucatiKiller said, weight is a major factor. With ever-increasing safety standards that need to be met, car weights are constantly increasing. Making as many weight savings in as many areas as possible is a major reason here. Cars are getting more efficient, with smaller engines, so the cars need to be as light as possible. Then there's cost. ...


Weight Reduction Using metal components within a car to replace all of the plastic components would increase the weight and reduce the overall efficiency and gas mileage of the vehicle. The overall energy consumption globally by replacing plastic parts with metal parts would have to be astronomical.


Popularity of the manufacturer and your location will also play a large roll in the price and availability of parts. Those who frequent this site may know I own, adore, and profess the excellence of my 2006 6-speed Infinti G35 Sedan. Every day in my 45-60 minute commute to and from work in the Seattle area, I see at least 10 cars that share the same chassis,...


Depending on the car you're considering, there may be one or more enthusiast forums which discuss that make and/or model. From there you should be able to look through the topics and get a feel for common issues, or start a new thread which should draw out advice fairly quickly. I owned a '97 Volvo 850 for many years and ultimately sold it due to the same ...

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