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I can't make out for sure which line you are pointing to, however if it's connected to the Tee I have circled then it's just a vacuum line.


Looks like the fuel line pipe that connects to the injectors line Or the return fuel line its not very clear


Lol, I had forgot about this post :-) I figured out finally what connector I needed: Z03FBR manufactured by Mitsubishi. I was able to find them in Japan at this seller: http://www.best-sys.com/products/detail.php?product_id=92 The website is only in Japanese so knowing little bit of kanji would help :-) So I bought the parts separately (the female, the ...


Rip it off if you want. It isn't directing air into a radiator. It isn't acting as an air dam (keeping airflow from under the car to keep it from lifting at speed). It is most likely a valance/splash guard/splash shield. Yank it off or hold it up with a zip tie. They were usually not held on with bolts but a plastic trim fastener that looked somewhat ...

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