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The hard plastic pieces are generally referred to a the console. The soft part that surrounds the shifter is called the boot.


That is normally called something close to the "Audi A4 shifter trim." If you google for relevant images, you see a whole variety of pieces that look like your outline. Here is an example (from this vendor's site):


specify your engine please, do you have petrol or diesel engine, best would be to know exact month and year of made, C4 model parts are updated on 10/06, that´s maybe your issue, because you searched for parts from 10/06+ but your car spec is from before this date, write us how many kw/Hp your engine is. Then we could help you better, more specs you provide ...


Those are definitely devices for holding hair in place. As for what purpose (if any) they were serving in your motorcycle, one can only guess!


My first thought is that they are a spacer or shim to prevent the battery from sliding back and forth in the battery box.

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