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It is a guide for the window as it closes. It is only needed for closing the window when traveling at higher speeds as the airflow sucks the window outward. Why you see it on cheaper cars probably has to do with the thickness of the glass and the build of the window frame.


Yes, this is a 1967 model as my grand father had the same model that I had seen in the photo album of our family members.


There are several products which would probably be, not only easier, but work better than painting. These products include such things as Black Wow, 303 products, or even Meguiars Ultimate Black. I personally would take the course of least resistance, namely: 1) try one of these products, 2) painting the pieces, and then 3) replacement if all else fails. Why ...


You can buy a can of matte or satin finish paint and simply spray them. The best option is to remove them completely, spray, and then put them back. You don't want to get paint on your windows or panels. Otherwise, you'll want to use masking tape and newspaper and thoroughly cover every surface around the part you want to spray. Those things, and any other ...

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