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There is a hose that connects your air box to this As stated in comments, this is connection point for a PCV hose. The hose connects to the bottom of your air box that attaches to your carburetors. This hole allows for crankcase ventilation. Any gasses that should not be released into the atmosphere can be vented here. It should get pulled back into ...


You can find the parts list for Volvo online here. The link of interest will be Home> Volvo> V70> 2001> Electrical system> Switches, turn indicators, main and dipped beams, WIPER/WASHER And it looks like the smallest part they sell is the entire turn signal switch. It looks like they run between $67 and $148.. Hmm.. not cheap. The price depends on the ...


I used to own a VW and it looks like a switch cover like for flashers,heater, etc.


My guess when it comes to your contact is that it is a standard 2x9 (2.54 mm/ 0.1 in) pin connector housed inside some company's exotic socket. My suggestion to you would be to get a IDC Socket 2x9 pin 0.1 in Female with ribbon cable. This seems to be supported by page 6-46 in the PDF that you linked. It seems that their 2x9 connector could also fit you ...


The Breather fitting is missing according to the diagram, you can buy one on Bike bandit. Original OEM Part number was 92005-1129 Also it looks like 92005-1017 may be a tube that attaches to it, but not sure, schematics are not that good. You could call BikeBandit on the phone to figure out what is missing.

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