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This is to protect the transmission. I don't know if your vehicle is automatic or reverse, but in either case it is good practice to completely stop the vehicle before going from one direction to the other. By telling you to stop the vehicle for several seconds, it ensures you are completely stopped. Even rolling a little can cause damage as it puts a high ...


I had very similar symptoms on a BMW, the sensor itself was faulty and the problem was solved by replacing it. There are two ways of diagnosing this that I can think of: Look at the sensor readings in the live data section of a diagnostics tool If you don't have access to such a tool, buy one new sensor and fit it to each position one by one until the ...


A common way to run cabling from the back of the car to the front is tucking it under the floor carpet near an edge, where passengers' feet don't frequently stomp. For example you could route it along an edge next to the door, then through the B-pillar or A-pillar, around the windshield and to the rear view mirror.

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