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Maybe you're flooding the engine by hitting the gas pedal when it's off. Don't do that. If you're low on gas and you want to start it. You might find a chain of commands online for how to prime it. In a Honda and some other 90's vehicles, slowly, it's ignition on, ignition off x 3, pump gas pedal, off. Start.


The problem could be as Allan stated with a bad solenoid, but could also be a mechanical problem with the shifter itself. If you are pressing the button (after pressing the brakes) to shift and it does not allow you to rotate the gear shifter from park, the rod from the button to the latching mechanism or the latching mechanism itself may be fouled. A fix ...


Under the centre console trim, surrounding the gearlever, you will find a a solonoid that engages a pin into the gearlever linkage. Release or remove this to release the gearlever. You will then need to determine the exact fault of this detent and repair it to ensure future safe starting. Possible faulty solonoid.

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