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I apologize for such a long answer. Your question is not simple. Most higher quality coating for metal require a hardener, etc. This makes things more complicated. I would get someone more experience to do your paint job for you unless you plan to do a lot of painting in the future, then watch a lot of you tube videos or take some classes. There are two ...


Don't bother with dipping. Plastic can only last a few years under the sun's uv. real paint job last at least 10 years. No comparison.


While painting a bumper at home is always possible, you would need to: Prepare the surface correctly: clean off the products used to de-mold the plastic, sand the part if there is a granular relief motive. Apply the appropriate primer. Specific primers may be used for the paint to stick to the plastic correctly, and even better primers that have some flex ...


Yes, as long as there isn't any damage to it, you can do this. You don't even need to get it painted by the dealer. Most body shops (if their worth their mettle) can color match to your car. You'll need to allow them to pull the color code off of the car, then you're golden. It is easier to get a clean, unpainted one for the body shop to paint, but they ...

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