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Whatever you employ test on an old junker with the same problem 1st rather than damage your paintwork further


If this bumper isn't made of metal, then it won't rust. You can try some paint repair magic kit. If there's a scratch, than you won't be able to get a brand new looking, smooth surface by just painting over. You should repair the scratch properly: sand it, prime it, repaint all or blend in and apply lack, polish.


paint thinners or acetone applied sparingly with a soft cloth should do the trick.Nail polish remover is also effective


don't use a brush even if paint can is sitting in hot water brush strokes are inevitable. Sand bonnet to smooth surface using ever finer grades of wet & dry sandpaper.Clean off with wax & grease remover.Prop up bonnet to make level.Spray with acrylic primer- dry-resand-reapply-sand-again use wax & grease remover.Topcoat with acrylic paint of ...

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