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It's more than likely the clear coat, and not rust. Here's why. Temperature change is one factor. The clear coat can sometimes expand differently than the base coat. Areas where snow get piled on can be a factor, as well as sections that get heated frequently, ie. hood. Acid rain can breakdown the chemical bonds, and the above separation can occur. ...


Aerospace landing gear applications usually require springs to be coated in Duralon (name brand), which is a Nylon compound that is applied much like a powder coat. It is used for its flexibility, impact and corrosion resistance, and it provides a smooth, clean finish so damage and defects are easier to visibly identify.


The very best solution is to powder-coat them - but you need to get them to a paint-ready condition before you take them to the powder-coating company; otherwise, it could cost quite a bit. Harbor Freight sell powder-coating kits, but I've never tried them, and if this is a one-off job, sending it to a company will be the most cost-effective solution. ...


I'd go with a light application of T-Cut or cutting paste. Be very careful just to take the new paint off. It should make fairly light work of new spray paint.


I have personally used brake parts cleaner. It shouldn't harm dried clear coat factory paint. Any other paint will be annihilated, though. Alternatives are acetone, paint thinner, gasoline. I'd use extra care with those 3. (some other people with personal experience using these) ...


I have similar problem as yours. My solution is : put several dolls (animal shaped, e.g. dog, should be scary enough) on the car's area where they usually come and sit (on my case, it's on the front part, above the machine's cap, I'm not sure what it's called in English). So far it's effective to keep the cats away. p.s. the drawback is, my neighbor ...


EZ-PZ gang! MOTH BALLS are your answer! Cheap, easy and they work. A neighborhood cat was using my side yard as a litter box, so I sprinkled a few moth balls on the grass and voila, no more cat waste. Apparently, they just hate the smell. You could leave a few in a tupperware container and then close the container when you go to work.


I use a cheap $60 (over the internet) ultrasound emitter that triggers on motion, and shuts off within 15 seconds of no motion. I have one in the front yard and one in the backyard. Works on dogs, cats, squirrels and some birds. One negative thing is they cannot tolerate the rain and humidity of central Florida at all. I have to bring them inside if it is ...


Paint your car a color cats don't like or park it in your garage. Alternatively you could call animal control and tell them stray animals keep loitering on your property "don't mention cats".


You can try putting cayenne pepper on & around your car, maybe mixed with a little water so it doesn't blow away. That's supposed to work well to keep animals out of a garden or flowerbed There are motion activated air sprayers like this PetSafe Ssscat Cat Spray Control System that should be great to put by your wipers or wherever area of the car ...


A little easier to do than building your own. This should keep them away, just remember not to set it off yourself when you leave for work. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent 15 Reasons You Need A Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler Then put a few of these in a safe (dry) location.


I didn't see this suggested so I thought it would be interesting. If you have keyless entry you could always look into wiring a train horn to your car. For example, United Pacific Economy Horns on Summit: anytime you saw a cat near or around your car you could hit lock and it would fire the horn and send them through the sky. If you don't have an ...


Old fashioned stimulus response might do the trick. The cat probably won't like the clunky noise your auto-unlock makes (if your car has this feature). If you wait until the cat is on your car then unlock the doors and repeat this over a few days, then the cats might not like your car so much.


Are you a software guy? Check out the Kurt Grandis video below. Kurt built a Robotic Squirt Gun to keep Squirrels out of his Bird Feeder. Its a way cool project. I think that would work even better for cats on the car. I'm wondering if you can squirt the cats before they get to the car, but that depends on where its parked, etc... I guess you could also ...


Buy some products intended to stop cats weeing in the house, for example lion urine. Like these: Wolf Urine liquid and granules from Silent Roar Lion Manure - Cat Repellant - It claims "The pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung, dried and sterilised." As cats are territorial, even the bravest will retreat with they smell a lion ...


Cats like sunshine and warm surfaces. Rinse the car with cold water to keep the temperature down, make sure you park in the shade and then hope. Me, I just live with the paw prints.


Tie a Dog next to your car ! (if you have one)


There are devices on the market that emit ultrasonic waves that drive cats away. From Many retailers sell devices which exploit the discomforting effects of in-air ultrasound. These devices are usually combined with a motion sensor which is triggered by movement within the sensors ...


If you do not want cats (whether stray or otherwise) on your vehicle, conceal it either in a garage or car cover. They can get the car cover as dirty as they want to, but they will not get it onto the vehicle itself. While you say it is impractical, what's more impractical, washing your car every other day or taking two minutes to take the cover off and put ...


Aim a light sprinkler on your car. Cats don't like slippery surfaces and most dislike water (especially when they are trying to relax)


Place a cardboard box next to your car. If science has told us anything, it is "if they fits, then they sits".


Sometimes cats will seek out the highest vantage point, so you could try providing a higher perch in the near vicinity (but make sure your car isn't a direct spring-board to the new perch). Perhaps wrap the perch with twine/rope, newspaper, paper bags, cardboard boxes, computer keyboards with fake hands on them, catnip, or other stuff cats like to trample. ...


I think the real problem is them getting in it If you have left your windows open at night and have the joy of cat urine in your car you will understand. If you have heard of story of a cat climbing into an engine compartment at night to stay warm, you will understand. Cat Repellent There are quite a few products that can repel cats, natural and ...


Put catnip on the hood of a neighboring car...


Just as it is common for people to hang plastic owls in trees to scare off birds, you must scare away the cats with a natural fear. As a popular YouTube video illustrates, cats have a very real fear of Cucumbers. Now I'm not suggesting that Cucumbers are a natural enemy of cats, or that you place cucumbers all over your car. Extrapolating the color and ...

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