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No, that is not true. A proper matte paint job will show hard water spots, and will still need washed and waxed regularly to maintain quality. It still has a clear coat. Hard water will still leave mineral deposits on the clear coat, and will reflect the light, the same as they would in clear coat on a glossy paint car. You may notice them less easily ...


I used to manage a machine wash and I can tell you that the good ones do not hurt your paint at all. If they did, they probably wouldn't be as popular and prominent as they are, eh? A reputable machine/tunnel wash is inspected every half hour to an hour for debris, the brushes are washed down several times a day, and the tunnel/bay is thoroughly cleaned ...


Any abrasion to your vehicles paintwork will over time flatten its shine. It can be happen more quickly and made worse, as illustrated by 'Andrew P'.


They could for a number of reason. If the car is very dirty, for example, some heavier dirt is likely to be on the paint; if its not removed properly before (with a water stream for example), when the dirt gets "brushed" the brushes will move the dirt around possibly creating small scratches all around. On an old car (or any car with a weak paintjob) the ...

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