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You can use this method to pull certain types of dents. Here is one method to resolve the dent issue. Dent Pulling glue these plastic ding tabs to the center of the dent. You can find them by googling "plastic ding tab" You will use a hot glue gun and hot glue them to your dent. Use a dent puller slide hammer. The tip should screw into the plastic ...


An alternative is just covering them up with wheel covers (sometimes called hub caps, but wheel covers cover more than the hub). They can be had quite cheap.


Is this only a cosmetic problem, or is it more serious? (For instance, is it likely to lead to rusting of the sheet metal, or any structural problem?) Currently it appears to be a cosmetic issue. Untreated, exposed to the elements, it will eventually create a greater perimeter around your vehicle and rust will occur. Others may not agree with me but I ...


Bodywork is something that cannot be rushed. While others are suggesting chemicals that may be suited for this application, it is not necessarily going to be a solution to your problem. The most important part of bodywork/painting is preparation and cleanliness. I cannot stress this enough. When applying bondo, fibreglass, spot putty, primer, paint, ...

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