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This first thing I suspect is the shifter linkage. If it's come loose then it won't move the gears in the transmission. Pull the boot up around the shifter and inspect and or inspect from under the car.


Bank 1 on your 3800 Series II Engine would be the set of cylinders that is closer to the front bumper of the vehicle (cylinders 1, 3, 5). Bank 2 (cylinders 2, 4, 6) would be against the firewall. The Leak... Any vacuum-leak hunt shouldn't start without having a clear vacuum-hose diagram in-hand. There should be one on a placard inside the engine bay ...


A squeak like that is almost certainly a slipping belt. The easiest fix would be to pick up some "belt conditioner" spray from an auto parts store and spray it on the inside of all your belts, and see if the problem goes away. If not you can try tightening the belt that's causing the squeak; this is not too difficult, and just involves loosening a couple ...


If the passenger side vents are working correctly, I'd guess that you've got a blockage somewhere. I doubt the actuator itself could block it, but it is entirely possible for a foreign object to get stuck in there and block it up - your most likely suspect is leaves, they get blown into the inlet every autumn (fall) and gradually build up inside the pipes ...

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