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If it pours straight out when you pour it in, you should be able to see where it is leaking. So get another quart of oil, place a tray down to catch the leaking oil and pour the new oil in. Now check around the oil filter, oil drain plug, any other sump plugs.


If you've up a road and completely out of a oil and running from zombies, you can actually use vegetable oil...if absolutely necessary...if you change it immediately... You should choose a high temperature tolerant oil, so avoid olive oil. Canola or coconut would work better.


Bottom line is, if your vehicle is running good with 5w30, why would you want to change it? If it's the weight which is specified for it to run/behave properly, this is what you should be using. Engines are made with certain clearances to utilize certain oils. When you start messing with this, you are introducing a possible problem for your engine. Besides, ...


While I agree with Allan that you should clean out the oil and put what is recommended into the system, I think the problem is not the oil. I think you might have a leaking injector causing your hard start/black smoke on start-up issue. This is the reason I asked about the color of the smoke, as it makes a huge difference in the diagnosis. If you run some ...


HDF-30 as I understand it is for for engines like that found in tractors or off-road plant. Whilst not saying your starting and smoke is directly attributable to the addition of this oil (25%) I would think that it quite probable. Use an engine flush treatment whilst replacing this mix with its correct oil to put your engine on an operational safe side, even ...

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