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cam actuator gear assembly; there is a bulletin on it


The most obvious answer is heat-related expansion and contraction. Back in the day of full service gas stations, it was standard practice to check the oil when filling the gas (and I still do that at self-service stations). The best practice is to check the oil as the last thing you do at a fuel stop, giving the oil time to drip down into the bottom of the ...


It may not be apparent right away but may cause issues later on. The Limited Slip Differential contains clutches. They require oil with an additive that allows the clutches to operate correctly. Check the container that the oil came in, it should say Limited Slip/ Posi-trac compatible. It may be in small print on the back of the bottle. If it doesn't, you ...


It is very definitely vehicle specific. Every manufacturer is going to or can do it differently, and they do. Think of how many liters your Subie holds for a fresh oil change and for that in a semi-truck. We are talking the difference of quarts to gallons in total. To answer your question, this is basically a trial and error way to do business. You put an ...


Checking several sights it should be on the front side of the engine. Near the middle of the block and under the fuel rail cover. Even in day light you may need a flashlight to locate it. It is by all accounts a royal pain to get at. Several queries were in regard to broken dip sticks. What this may mean is you can't find it because it has been broken off.


Ive been a mechanic for 15 years and will tell you that you can go by the oil life indicator, but Ive always recomended changing oil every 3k miles. It never hurts to change the oil and in some cases if your engine does use a little oil then your more likely to not run it low. Of course always check the oil frequently. Also a good rule is always give your ...


The check engine lights need to be read and cleared if you haven't done it already. This can only be done with an OBD-II scanner. If you don't have one, take it to an Autozone or the like. They can do it for you and will usually do so for free.

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