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It very well could be the oil pan gasket, but this could be caused from a leaky anything on the engine. Look for where the highest point of where you see the gunk and start looking from that level. You should also be seeing some amount of gunk on the engine as well. If you really want to find it, do a thorough cleaning of the entire engine bay, then start ...


tl dr - Obviously, if you are losing all your oil in a month (or so) time frame, it's a bad thing. You need to discover where you are leaking or using the oil and get it fixed. There are only two ways you are going to be missing oil out of the engine: 1) oil leak; 2) burning oil. Since you say you only saw a small amount of smoke coming from the engine ...


The Tuff Torx engineer I talked with recommended using 5W-50 synthetic oil. I use it in my JD and Husqvarna mowers. My JD is 23 years old ( Used 10W30 for 18 of those years) and the Husqvarna is 8 years.


The majority of the damage is more than likely in the bottom end of the motor. Bottom end components such as plain bearings for the connecting rods and the crankshaft main bearings are more than likely absolutely destroyed. Plain bearings rely on oil pressure to push oil in between the journal and the plain bearing creating situation called hydrodynamic ...


Since it costs less than 10 dollars to change a PCV you should just go ahead and replace it. I've seen them fail enough times to know its safer that way. Especially if your having head gasket changes or tune ups done to your vehicle. A lot of the time the PCV is in the same area as these jobs and can become worn in the process.

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