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You said "valve gaskets" but I'm going to assume you actually mean the valve seals. Since you are seeing a small puff of smoke sometimes during startup and when you are accelerating, these are usually caused by two separate issues, both of which you are mentioning. Start-up puff of smoke can usually be attributed to bad valve seals. This is because oil ...


The culprit is usually shot piston rings. They act as a buffer between the combustion chamber and the bottom half of the engine. If they go, oil can seep into the combustion chamber and get burned up along with the fuel. To fix this, they'd have to take the entire engine apart to get at the bottom of the pistons. It's not a cheap procedure. Or maybe you're ...


I asked this same question to the workshop that performed the headjob on one of my cars and they said that apart from a bit of smoke, it wouldn't be anything to worry about. As long as there is enough oil in the engine. They could have told me to give them more money, but they didn't.


I've had this problem twice in my 2001 325CIC (E46) and both times it was the oil sensor going bad.

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