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I believe you just dripped some oil on your exhaust when drained it, don't worry, and your "paranoid" stuff is good - it means you care. Good job Snake! ;)


I think you'll be OK. Drive it around a bit more, and that oil, which sounds like it's on the exhaust pipe, will burn off. Your oil pressure sounds in the normal range - it's usually lower at idle (even down to 20psi is OK). If you're really paranoid, take it to a local jiffylube or similar, and slip them $10 for them to check your work.


There are only a few possibilities: Oil pressure is actually low. The light is overloaded with meanings and it is trying to tell you something else. There is a faulty component. There is a fault in the circuit. The first thing to do is to make sure you understand what the light is trying to tell you. For example is the light solely a pressure monitor ...

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