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The culprit is usually shot piston rings. They act as a buffer between the combustion chamber and the bottom half of the engine. If they go, oil can seep into the combustion chamber and get burned up along with the fuel. To fix this, they'd have to take the entire engine apart to get at the bottom of the pistons. It's not a cheap procedure. Or maybe you're ...


Yes. I have had personal experience with a car and oil on fire. My previous car was a leaky Camry/ES300. I did not have the funds to fix any of the leaks at the time and had to continue driving it for work. At one point, I came off of a freeway and into a low-speed residential/commercial zone and came to a stop before making a right turn. Another car was ...


This is a pretty common problem. Buy an oversized drain plug tap kit and retap your drain plug threads with the tap. The kit will also usually come with a replacement drain plug that fits the new larger tapped threads.

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