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I can't say for sure what happened AT the shop, but that much oil would have caused a very strong oil smell coming out of the air ducts. Probably lots of smoke from the oil on the manifold too. Which leads me to the conclusion that whatever happened, happened at the workshop. I can't think of a hypothetical way in which one can cause the gasket to break by ...


The part of your question mentioning doing a trip before the 'oil leak' coming to anyone's attention may be important. Did you check and top up the oil before the trip, or even during the trip? The point of this is: Was the oil filler cap secure or secured properly if the oil was topped up?, if not you will get oil blowing around under the hood. The second ...


I think Meineke was taking you for a ride (pun intended). Here is my reasoning: If it was leaking as bad as they say (or showed you) it was, you wouldn't have had any oil in your vehicle when you got to their shop. If the car was having the massive oil leaks all over the engine compartment as they showed you, there would have been VOLUMES of smoke from it ...


Two quarts burned after 5000 miles engine has 330000 miles on it I owned since new was worse but getting better using marvel mystery oil it's a 2007 Prius

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