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With all due respect to the previous answers, I'm a little confused as to whether or not the most appropriate product is available in your country as it has not been mentioned. The most effective way of removing oil stains from a driveway is with the product intended for removing oil and grease: Degreaser. Auto-parts stores usually sell it in spray can ...


My scooter often leaves stains in my garage. My recipe is to pour fine sand (e.g. for birds from the pet shop) on it for a few days. After, I remove the sand and pour fresh sand on the stains, and pour some cleaning solvent on it. It enters the concrete and dissolves the oil. While the solvent evaporates above the sand, more solvent with oil rises from the ...


I would use the same procedure in the answer provided by mikes, but using trisodium phosphate (often called TSP) instead of laundry detergent. It's readily available in home improvement stores, and is fairly cheap. TSP is more strongly basic than laundry detergent, which is mostly sodium carbonate, so it's a stronger degreaser. It also doesn't foam up, ...


I have used powdered laundry detergent as Speedy-Dri to absorb the oil. Pour it over the stain allow it to sit for several days. Move the powder around with a brush or broom. Sprinkle enough water on it to make a slurry. Using a stiff brush scrub the area then rinse clean. Depending on the porosity of the material it may take two or three applications.


Keep in mind that oil pan gaskets are 20 bucks stuff and they're easy to change at home by yourself.. It'll take you 30 minutes at most.. Jack up the car and do it yourself and save $$$

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