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Unfortunately, oil consumption in these engines can be quite large. GM has put out service bulletins which says that engine use up to 1 quart per 2000 miles is perfectly normal. I found some information on the bulletin: (NOTE: - I was unable to find the actual bulletin, but the following is an excerpt from it, which was copied into the forum link I provided ...


If the engine will run, I doubt you've "blown the engine". Usually a blown engine indicates that it's dead. Caputski. Bon Voyage. Sailed for greener pastures. In your case, I would bet one of the gaskets has let go of the goods. It appears that the side case of your engine has three parts to it. I think there are some easy things to check: Check to ...


Bottom line: 1. The place that did the oil change will never admit they were at fault. 2. You need AAA. Had to have car towed 3 times. 3. You need an attorney 4. You need a real great insurance company Here is what happened to me: http://lfeisaglitch.blogspot.com/2015/05/oil-change.html


So... I pretty much took in all the advice you guys gave me (and from elsewhere too) and went ahead with the procedure with the oil pan still on the car. One big difference though: Instead of using a tap, I used my oversize plug... I was stubborn and did not want to buy the tap nor take the pan off the car. Here's how I did it: Jack the car up; stands. ...

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