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put a reminder in your calendar for every three or six months depending on how much you drive. that's the easy way.


Keep in mind that oil pan gaskets are 20 bucks stuff and they're easy to change at home by yourself.. It'll take you 30 minutes at most.. Jack up the car and do it yourself and save $$$


Gearbox oil on modern cars can last a long time - tens of thousands of miles. You should be able to find a service schedule (it's usually in the back of the owner's handbook, which can often be found online) that will tell you how often it needs changing


I have also prefilled my oil filters when I can. There is a notable difference in the amount of time it takes for the gauge to register when comparing prefilled to not prefilled. The difference is still fairly small though, I guess about 2-3 seconds. Although it seems like a life time while you watch the gauge. I believe this is insignificant though. If you ...


As mentioned in the answers in the linked question, the various additives in the oil break down over time, so the limit isn't just the number of miles done. Quite often your service interval will be listed as "X miles or Y time, whichever is the soonest" for this exact reason. In your case, I think I'd do it once a year, but that's just my opinion without ...


For non-synthetic, I think the rule of thumb is to change the oil twice a year at bare minimum - once in the spring, once in the fall. The idea is that after six months, the oil (and the detergents in it) break down and can no longer do their jobs properly, regardless of mileage. However, I'm only saying six months because that's what people older than me ...

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