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It is very definitely vehicle specific. Every manufacturer is going to or can do it differently, and they do. Think of how many liters your Subie holds for a fresh oil change and for that in a semi-truck. We are talking the difference of quarts to gallons in total. To answer your question, this is basically a trial and error way to do business. You put an ...


Back the car up on the ramps so the rear wheels are up, if that allows the plug and filter to be accessible. Be sure to put good (not plastic) hocks on the front and test the integrity before you go under. Remember the weight is in the front and if your not on a completely level pavement it will roll off the ramps and then your bug food. Krona solution btw ...


don't to nothing with your car let it stand on a leveled place then open the bolt and drain it out or you can rise it up a little bit up form the behind and drain it out this will work.


From personal experience with my cars over 30 years I believe it is ok to drain most of the oil until only slowly dripping. Then replace the drain plug and start the engine for a few seconds (or if paranoid just disconnect the electrics from the distributor and crank the engine via the battery). Then undo the drain plug and allow the dislodged oil to drain. ...

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