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The drain plug wound up not being as hollow as I thought. There was quite a bit of plastic inside the threaded portion and on the top. I used a conical burr bit in a drill to make a couple of depressions in the plug which I then inserted the tips of needle nose pliers into and was able to twist it off. I wasn't able to twist it off before with pliers. I ...


Have you tried to just use your fingernail to turn it out? If not, you can use a screw driver and small hammer to run it out. You should be able to easily create a ridge on it since it's plastic. You need to do this carefully, but you'll probably be amazed at how easily it will turn out.


This vehicle in your example photo is a really good example for when not to use an oil drain valve. Notice the heavy lugs on the all terrain tires? I am not sure if this vehicle is 4 wheel drive, but the tires indicate it the owner plans on driving on other than smooth paved highways. A drain valve on an off road vehicle, is an invitation for a long walk ...


As with all vehicles, ensure the vehicle is shut off and on level ground when doing your reading. Next, with rag in hand, pull the dipstick and clean the tip of the dipstick with the rag. Next, re-stick your dipstick and pull it out again. Check the level of the oil. For your dipstick, you are looking for oil between the two ends where you see the ...

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