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Odds are they did a shady job and are now trying to rip you off. No reason why it should be like that unless if they did that by accident or (worse) intentionally. If you can, take a look underneath and see where its leaking from. Likely to be from one of 3 places: 1. The drain plug. Maybe it just needs to be tightened. Or maybe the drain plug has its own ...


I agree with @knocksAndMisfires - it sounds strange that the oil pan gasket would have to be touched for a routine oil change. If the oil pan/lower sump was removed then this may necessitate a gasket change since they tend to be a single-use item, but this should not be required for a routine oil change. One other thing worth mentioning: $200 for an oil ...


If there was no oil leak before the oil change, then there is a possibility of wrong repair done at the workshop. Generally, for changing oil, the oil pan need not be touched at all, except for the oil drain plug. If the vehicle underbody is checked on a two post lift, then the leaking area could be spotted. Taking the vehicle to another mechanic is a good ...


There are a few replacement options for the drain bolt that will assist with a clean oil change. The No-Spill system has a hose that connects to the drain valve to route the oil to your vessel. The Fumoto system uses a lever type valve to initiate the flow of oil. They also have a model that allows attaching a hose and various angled outlet tubes. Fram ...


To drain the oil pan without getting oil on your hands or wrench ... get a oil extractor pump and suck the oil out from the dipstick tube.


It's hardly practical BUT there is a method that would work in some cases. Think of it more as a party trick that a useful tip - assuming you are up to holding parties under your vehicle. Whether this works will be design dependant - and also to some extent will depend on how closely you resemble the British standard 600 pound gorilla and what percentage ...


The trick is to wear oil proof gloves, like nitrile ones would provide. There are known carcinogens in used motor oil, so this is a good idea. Other than gloves, there is no fool proof way to prevent getting oil on your hands every time you change the oil. The nitrile also helps so you don't burn your hands on hot oil.

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