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I would just do the maintenance 500km early. it doesn't have to be all that precisely on the intervals. it's s good way to get more familiar with the new bike. I always do a full oil change I'm taking possession of s new bike, since there is no economic way to know when it was last changed, or with what. getting the oil tested can be done, but it costs as ...


The number of times the oil and filter are changed in the process of cleaning out an engine is not a fixed number. We keep changing it until it stays clean. Two changes is a common average. The change interval also matters; we use an interval of 200 miles. There are too many variables to establish a set cleaning routine. The amount and type of internal ...


A lot of short runs will degrade oil faster, but fully synthetic will be fine once a year. Even 12,000 miles is fine. Change it at the end of summer. People waste money changing their oil every 3000 miles/3 months. That's when the oil was not as good and they used to strip engines to decoke on dyno mineral oil without much detergents in?


Motorcycle clutch plates sticking together in the morning is a fairly common complaint. The oil squeezes out from between the plates overnight, and they don't want to separate when you first pull in the clutch lever. One could conjecture that this is a sign the clutch is getting old and tired, but I had this problem with a brand new factory clutch in a ...

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