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The alto does not have the fuel reading on OBD instead you can calculate the consumption with the help of the MAF data.


You didn't list the apps you tried, but Torque (http://torque-bhp.com/) is what I am using (on a different vehicle); however, the Cadillac CTS forums has numerous posts on folks using the app with success.


Having a live scan running is by far the easiest way to tell if the ECU is pulling timing while the engine is running. Beyond that, you need to be aware of what the manufacturer's requirement for an engine is, such as it's performance level. Several situations which call for higher octane: Turbo/Super charging High static compression ratio (10+:1) Both ...


Sourceforge has this scantool.net open source application. I have used it on my laptop with a USB to ODBII converter on various vehicles. You can google "USB to ODBII" and get multiple hits to procure this cable converter. Here is the LINK to the software download. It also comes with source code. Good luck.


There's a lot of work going on in this space, so the answer is "Yes, Of course!" Here is a Python project: http://www.obdtester.com/pyobd This looks like an interesting way to get data from the car, but doesn't seem to really be about trouble codes or diagnostics: http://openxcplatform.com/getting-started/index.html This looks very outdated, but maybe ...


As this article points out, the ability to blink codes was available with older OBD-I vehicles. Once the OBD-II standard hit, the ability to "blink" out codes was lost. This changeover to ODB-II happened in 1996 for vehicles sold in the US. I know the same is true for Volkswagen cars. Early models had the ability to blink out the codes when something was ...

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