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There are three parts to do what you want to do. You need a plug in reader. The one on your link will do. This part reads the coding from your system and 'broadcasts' it. Then you need an Android smart phone to pick up the 'broadcast' and act as a display unit for the codings. The smart phone will need an app to do this. If you are still googling, look up ...


Using 'logic bombs' or other types of 'seeds' is fair and reasonable to protect any particular piece of software from being copied. If software is made easy or open to re-distribute you will find a lot of developers going out of business. The methods you ask in your question point to good ways to prevent the software being lifted.


I am a CAN App programmer so I would like to share a bit of my experience. Yes, you can report false. It's even very simple. Just watch for messages you don't like and then report error. But what is the point to implement such a stuff? Then you will not be longer able to read error or some other parameters by your own. Also yes, if he is trying to ...


The latest offerings of OB2 to Android can be a useful quick look tool. With an Elm 327 interface to the diagnostic plug, and software such as Torgue Pro, they will give you fault codes and simulated gauges. iOBD2 is another good offering, and is supplied with specific software for specific vehicle makes. They do not go anywhere near in performance and range ...


I know that Torque recommends one of those $70 adapters, but I bought a generic one from the Chinese equivalent of Amazon for $20 and it's working just fine.


This code means you have faulty wiring/coil pack. Usually means a new coil pack. To find the coil pack, look at the top of the engine. Between the engines top cover and its manifolds, at the rear, you will see a manifold wide black block. It has a grey plug entering it from its right hand side. (Viewed from the front of the vehicle). This is your coil pack.

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