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The problem is not OBDII but the phone, the code is 1234. You have to go to settings then management applications then go on those running and then click on Bluetooth and forced shutdown. NOTE: Original text below. Translated text above. Il problema non è OBDII ma il telefono,il codice è 1234. Dovete andare in impostazioni poi su gestione applicazioni poi ...


According to research I've done on the web, the W in WO2S11 stands for wideband, meaning it can calculate much better than a standard O2 sensor. This, I would assume, is what your car is utilizing to get its O2 reading and not the O2S11. And yes, that would be for the bank 1 sensor 1 (upstream or before cat). Your issue is not with the B1S1, though, it's ...


Here's the Toyota Service Bulletin http://www.toyotapart.com/READINESS_MONITOR_DRIVE_PATTERNS_T-EG02-003.pdf

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