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This blog is a nice reference: http://check-engine-light-codes.blogspot.com/2006/04/chrysler-1985-95-obd1-code-self.html It explains how to check: Within a period of 5 seconds, cycle the ignition keyON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON. Count the number of time the MIL (check engine lamp)on the instrument panel flashes on and off. The number of flashes ...


I found this: http://www.justanswer.com/chrysler/1l50u-does-dtc-12-memory-controller-cleared-within.html Which seems to confirm that 12 just means the battery was disconnected and that you should always see 55. 21 should not come up unless there is a problem, because the sensor should be able to detect rich or lean. So check/replace O2 is the correct ...


As Brian alluded to in his comment, in most cases it will not work. You have to have a reader which will read OBD-I. Some readers, like the Innova 3140 will read both, and comes with all of the adapters to attach to the "older" vehicles. Brian also stated about the change to OBD-II. In the US it was mandated to change over in '96. Some manufactures changed ...


Unlikely, but I can't say for certain. AFAIK, Mitsubishi first started putting OBD-II diagnostics ports into the 1995 model year cars (in preparation for the 1996 OBD-II requirement). Most likely is OBD-I, which would require a proprietary plug (or jumpering of a couple pins) to read/force a code display.

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