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The best result will be from a VW specialist or dealer. can you tell us the exact error codes, e.g. P0420?


Since this is an OBDI vehicle, there will be only one O2 sensor located where the exhaust ports all come together in the exhaust manifold.


Just thought I'd bring this in to an answer to allow it to be accepted: This, while not ideal for you in this situation, is to prevent accidental connection to the wrong sensor. This solution is used in any number of applications, on ships, aircraft, even buildings - and in a car you will find many examples. It's one of the reasons I always read the manual ...


If the catalytic convertor is truly plugged, you wouldn't be able to drive the vehicle, so this makes me wonder about the voracity of your statement. With a plugged cat, the back pressure created behind it will only let you rev the engine to around 1500-2000 rpm. I had to replace a set of heads on a pick-up truck for a guy because he continued to run the ...

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