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Also, remember that MAF is a reading of the amount of air entering the engine. If you have a backflow issues (high backpressure) or even a timing issue where the valves are not opening and closing at the correct time (slack chains, jumped timing), your MAF sensor readings will reflect this as well. I know this post is late, but any who are looking into this ...


I am only answering where the sensor is located.This video explains the whole procedure is nicely. Including the location and how to replace it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2vXZbFjlxI


I am not there to say exactly, but would suggest they probably aren't interchangable. I'd get the one which you researched to be correct. You might be able to sell the one which you don't need on Cragslist at a reduced price. Is it possible that they intended to replace the actual O2 filter in the rear of the car? If you look at the "filter" in the ...

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