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As @LynnCrumbling stated, this would be hard to put a number on, mainly because it depends on too many factors. This is what I can tell you. When O2 sensors get old, they don't necessarily go bad, what they do is get lazy. When a good O2 sensor is doing its thing, if you were to look at the readings from it, the numbers go all over the place, from top of the ...


I doubt you're going to be able to have someone put a number on this. I'm betting you also know that just because no error was thrown, it doesn't mean that the sensor isn't impacting performance. Lifehacker notes that replacing them could improve mileage "up to 15%." Paulster's previous note regarding MAP & MAF is still relevant, since they are also ...


Which sensor does the code say is bad? You should have 2 oxygen sensors, one before the catalytic convertor and one after. Be sure to check everywhere from the exhaust manifold to the muffler. I don't specifically where the o2 sensor are in your model, but check the cat itself as well.

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