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You need a clutch basket removal tool This tool will allow the inner and outer clutch basket to become locked together in order for you to remove the bolt that is affixed to your transmission primary shaft. This is a relatively cheap tool. I recommend you use an air impact to remove the bolt. Upon tightening you will want to use a torque wrench and ...


The best way I know of to remove a bolt like this is to use a ratchet with (preferably) an impact 6 point socket. Put it on the bolt and hit the ratchet with a large hammer. One or two good solid hits will often times break it loose. You can also hit the head of the bolt with the hammer, just a couple of taps, not hard swings can also help loosen it. Do NOT ...


As it turns out, the part labelled "10mm" was the correct type. The flats are 11mm across and the thread is M10x1.

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