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some cars have a grille just forward of your w/screen.If so remove to access drain tubes inside plenum chamber to far left and right.Usually takes a child size hand to reach so you can insert a hose and flush.Good move to lift floor coverings 1st.Don't forget to check weep holes under your doors either


It is very likely to be your belt particularly if old or not tensioned correctly. Your workshop manual will explain in detail how to do this.A relatively cheap gauge can be purchased to set deflection


Firstly discs do not warp.Pads contain metal that deposit on rotor so when measured in a number of places it is assumed the disc is warped.Check balance weights on rim have not fallen off.Jack up front wheels one at a time;grasp tyre each side of centre and pull to and away from you.Any noise or movement may indicate that tension on bearings is incorrect


you can try bitumen coated foil/carpet underlay/sound deadening paint (similar to under body paint)many solutions to be found at any auto parts store


It ended up being the one dust shield, just like what the sound indicated. Apparently a small ding on the backside, right at the "corner" was touching the rotor. I went all around between the rotor and dust shield, on the corner that had the most work done recently, with a screwdriver and a hammer. That did the trick. Just a hint of scraping on hard ...


There are a few possible things which could cause vibrations: When breaking hard, your discs could take up some heat and get warped, great article could be found here. Bad geometry could cause vibrations + uneven tyre wear (flat spots maybe?), see related article. Check wheel balancing, article here. I would recommend to check these first, there are ...


If you are running your defrost, this sound could very well be the refrigerant equalizing in the A/C system. For most cars in the US, when running your defroster, the A/C comes on to dry the air so your windshield will defog. It allows you to see quicker through your windshield as well as not allowing the moisture in your breath to freeze on the inside of ...

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