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Click sound on first stop could be floating calipers, which are probably operating as designed. When you back up they move back into position and click when driven. Again, this is normal behaviour.


Empty and change your diff fluid, gearbox fluid and transfer case fluid. When the fluids are out and in the pan, run a magnet through each to see if you can collect any metal pieces. Being an evo, I'd be suspecting either diff or transfer case as the first thing to look at. When the teeth in the gears and clutch packs inside the diffs start to fail, they ...


The gauges in the dash are actuated by motors. When you turn the vehicle on, they do their "power on self test" and start doing their thing getting the gauges set correctly. If one of them is having an issue, you could be hearing the scratching noise because of this. I had an '04 Suburban which had the speedo go bad and this is exactly what it sounds like. ...


Sounds like a plenum (ventilation duct) fan bearing is slowly going bad based on the sound from underneath and behind the glove box.


I Believe It's a Hose Connection Point Unmetered air whether it's a negative pressure or positive pressure is bad. That being said, I find it interesting that losing some of the boost isn't detected and triggering a CEL. So that maps to your idea of a smaller leak along with the not subtle high pitched sound. You said If it were a bad gasket, I'd ...


Mine turned out to be missing clips on the pads almost look like a spacer of sorts


The culprit in this specific case was the steering pump pulley - it developed a slight play along the axis and the auxiliary belt started rubbing the sides of the pulley ridges. Since no one has a more comprehensive answer for similar issues I can try answering it myself now that I am more knowledgeable in this area. Causes of the noise The auxiliary ...


It is quite likely the work performed has introduced a subtle air leak that only manifests itself under high boost. Pressurizing the intake tract with the car off will help you identify the source of the leak. A hose fitting that isn't honked down all the way will exhibit this kind of behavior under boost. I like how Jafro figured out the source of his ...

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