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It's more than likely the serpentine belt at the alternator making the noise. One of two things going on here, either the belt itself is worn out, or the tensioner is not providing the preload to the belt to keep it tight. After the belt warms up a little bit, it sticks a little better so the sound goes away. If you haven't replaced the belt in a while, I'd ...


Apparently this particular model suffers from this issue in cold climates. This is due to the factory o-ring failing to provide a good seal and thus allowing air to enter the Power Steering Pump Inlet. The fix is to replace the o-ring. A step by step guide to this is provided in this link


The standard test for a wheel bearing goes something like this: Jack up the appropriate end/corner of the car and support it on axle-stands Grasp the wheel firmly at top and bottom and try to shake it - there should be a tiny amount of movement, any more is suspect. Repeat step 2 for side-to-side Spin the wheel and listen for any unusual noise, or ...

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