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The two immediate things that comes to mind for me: CV joints, but this will get better and worse according to the position of the steering wheel. This happened on my FIL's car. He lost the top bolt on the torque plate (to which the brake caliper is attached). This caused the entire caliper to rotate away under certain conditions and cause a ...


If the vehicle has GDI (Gasoline direct injection) then yes there will be a low pressure or lift pump and a high pressure pump. One run on 12 volt the other run by the engine. I don't think your vehicle is equipped with GDI but I am not sure. I am not aware of any gasoline production vehicles other than GDI that come equipped with more than one fuel pump.


Sounds strange. I can understand that the absence of a crank position sensor signal can prevent the engine from starting (the ECU won't allow the car to run without it). The lack of signal could also prevent the fuel pump relay from activating and priming the fuel lines. But I'm struggling to buy that a bad crank position sensor would result in physical ...


There are two things here: All gas sold in the US will have a detergent package in them, so there was no real reason for you to change due to this. From the EPA Reultatory Announcement: EPA requires the use of additives to control the formation of engine and fuel supply systems deposits in all US gasoline. It has been my experience Shell gas, while ...

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