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The first port of call should be your brake fluid reservoir. The emergency brake light will stay on if the brake fluid level is low (which could happen if your brake pads are wearing thin).


I use paper elements and if in dusty conditions remove regularly (every day if seriously dusty) and clean out with an air hose from the inside out.They are so cheap regular replacement is cost effective


3M has always made quality products. I don't know the Sonax brand, so in the interest of fairness I'm going to assume it's very good. But if the 3M product is cheaper, I would gladly spend my own money on it.


While it is normally not required with a maintenance free battery yours may be a low maintenance type. Allowing the battery acid level to drop too low can cause the battery to overheat shortening its life. The small circles with the cross pattern on the top are caps. They can be removed and water can be added. It is best to use distilled water. If you don't ...


This battery type does not allow for easy checking and does not require it. If you had a battery with caps you could remove, then yes, you would use distilled water to top them off.


Sounds like you had an air bubble trapped in the cooling system after changing the thermostat. Check the coolant level. (Id also make sure the coolant temp sensor connector is hooked up, maybe it was left unplugged)


(Moved some comments down here as an answer.) I think the problem you are going to have is that "seat of the pants" you are not going to be able to tell. It would be so subtle you wouldn't notice. The PCM will cause it to go in/out of lockup. The only way you'd be able to tell is by having a computer attached to your the car and see when the PCM gives the ...


You should check if the coolant liquid is between minimum and maximum. If you need to add more liquid, don't mix different liquids colours (I don't remember why). And please be sure it's not hot, else you will get very bad burns and injuries.


Were there any other repairs/maintenance done prior just before the problem started? If not, it sounds like the wrong thermostat has been installed, or the new one is faulty. What caused you to change the thermostat?

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