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It really looks like it's down to the switch, if the high beams work normally (Not just using flash to pass) and both low beams quit at the same time, and you are positive the bulbs are good. The one thing that can fail that would take out both low beams is the switch. Everything in yellow below is good based on your description of what works. The pink ...


To follow on from Zaid's answer, I suspect the old alternator trashed the battery - they really don't like repeated deep discharges, so you might well find you need a new battery too...


It sounds like the alternator is not charging the battery. The battery is needed to power your fuel injectors, spark plugs and other auxiliaries. To confirm this, use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery with the car running. Judging by the description of the battery's condition, you may require a jump start to get the car running again.


You may have already fixed your problem You may need to clear the codes for the Check Engine Light to go away. It may be that the sensor is clean but the check engine light is being shown because it's retained in the computer's memory. Once the codes are cleared, see if the CEL stays off or if it returns. If the issue returns P0171 is saying that the ...


I can't speak for your region, but where I am there are several locksmith/key shops able to cut and program the blank key for a fraction of the cost.

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