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After replacing the speed sensor and the fuel level sensor and resetting the codes. A new code came up U1001 (CAN communication) in addition to the other codes. I tracked the problem back to the instrument cluster where the fuel level sensor and the speed sensor signals travel through to the ECU. Replaced the instrument cluster with one from a junk yard, ...


I have always found that an owners' forum for your specific make/model is the best source of information. FOr instance, here's a Nissan Owners Club from the UK: http://www.nissanownersclub.com/ There's always someone who takes things very seriously and can help you with just about any piece of information you require.


I'm thinking, from your description, that the problem is the blinker relay, not a fuse. The lights themselves should go through the tail lamp fuse. The relay is what gives the characteristic ticking sound. The emergency flashers usually run off of a separate blinker relay, but may be the same thing. If so, you can use it to test between the two. These relays ...


It's called a wind deflector or just deflector

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