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When you first turn your vehicle on, the vehicle itself does a "Power On Self Test" or POST. When you turn your key from off to the run position (before you start it up), all of the dash lights which are usable will light up. You should get used to which ones light up and keep those in the back of your memory. If a bulb should go out, you'll notice the ...


Three separate areas which the codes are pointing to. Let's run them down one by one ... P1000 On Board Diagnostics II (OBDII) Monitor/Driver Cycle Test Not Complete Causes are - The battery or PCM has been disconnected (Ford,Mazda) The diagnostic trouble codes have been cleared (Ford,Mazda) An OBD monitor concern occured before completion of ...


It's probably the terrible stock speakers. Upgrade your speakers or put in a subwoofer if you want bass.

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