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Bushings are used to hold the ends of the motor shaft aligned. The motor shaft goes into the bushing and spins inside of it. You can see the bushing and the shaft in this image and get a good idea of how it works:


They want you to back of the lash so you don't ruin your rocker arms The system in which this head depresses the valves is the reverse of many heads. The cams (the shaft at the top of the photo) is spinning with the lobe coming up beneath the rocker arm foot to act as a lever against the rocker shafts (short shafts between the cam and the valves) to ...


You want to back off the valves so you don't damage the head when you pull the head bolts. If you have tension on the valves, you run the risk of warping the head. Likewise, when you put the head on, you want to ensure there aren't any valves which will be causing interference. If there is interference from the valves, this will affect the torque values ...


Some people call plain bearings bushings The etymology can be different based upon geography. If you have a 'bushing' in your engine it can commonly refer to a crankshaft plain bearing or a connecting rod plan bearing. Here is the wiki on 'bushing'. A plain bearing that is missing out of an engine would be unusual. To remove a crankshaft plain bearing ...

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