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The battery is ready to use after you've put the acid in, and you can charge it on the bike, however, better practice would be to attach it to a charger to complete the first charge... Personally, I filled my battery with acid, and attached it to the battery charger WITHOUT putting the caps on the battery in order to allow the gas to escape. When completed, ...


Hi in my opinion you will be fine to use the battery with 80% charge, your bike will do the rest when you are out for a ride. Also it is a good idea to invest in one of the new SMART CHARGERS that are now on the market, these automatically top up the battery charge and are ideal for protecting your battery over the dormant winter period, when the battery is ...


The reason behind tending it to bring it to 100% vs. just riding it up to 100% is to save wear and tear on the alternator or generator. They're really designed to maintain a battery/do light charging, not do a major charge. A secondary thing is that a severely discharged battery may vent a lot of hydrogen while charging and you'll need to monitor the cell ...


Those are definitely devices for holding hair in place. As for what purpose (if any) they were serving in your motorcycle, one can only guess!


My first thought is that they are a spacer or shim to prevent the battery from sliding back and forth in the battery box.


I would say yes to both of your questions. If you have some ATF (Dexron or whatever) sitting around, squirt a "bit" into each cylinder through the spark plug hole before you do this. You don't want to drop a whole bunch in there, but enough to wet the rings (a couple of squirts from an oil can or the like should be sufficient). This will create a small ...


If it has an automatic choke then make sure that is operating properly i.e., turning off after a minute or so. If it's a manual choke then, well, disengage it once the motor is warmed, normally after riding a mile or two is suffecient.


It's a Kawasaki, I've ridden two before and they both had fairly clunky gearboxes (especially between gears 1 and 2), it's quirky!

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