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I've had this problem with my Honda accord 96 for an entire year and just figured out what was causing the vibration in idle mode. Changed mounts, cleaned air idle control valve and throttle body . Took it to a friend who in no time told me it was a BAD COIL not producing enough power. So check out your COILS


Noise and vibration are the two biggies for the downside. Most serious races have their engines solid mounted to the frame. The motor mounts are just there to make it more comfortable for the driver. If you aren't worried about comfort, solid mount is the way to go. I'm sure you have to go around and tighten things once in a while as well. Vibration has a ...


You're not going to be able to weld the block to the frame, due to the block (likely) being cast. You can bolt it with solid motor mounts, which are commercially available for more common performance engines.


A few factors contribute to rubber inserts within motor mounts to fail. 1. Dry Rot The rubber decays over time and loses it's elasticity. The degraded rubber fails slowly over time. 2. Chemicals Some chemicals can accelerate the decay of rubber. Certain acids such as hydrofluoric and hydrochloric will degrade Buna-N rubber. EPDM rubber can degrade ...


The main thing which damages motor mounts is the torque provided by the engine (the twisting motion the motor mounts are preventing). When you are driving down the highway on a long cruise, you are actually putting less torque the motor mounts than you would if you were in stop & go traffic. Any motion causes wear on your motor mounts, but highway ...


It would be very expensive to replace if the frame or the engine get damaged. FYI, many motorcycles, if not all, have the engine directly bolted to the frame. The main downside I can see is the vibrations.

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