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You likely just steam cleaned the internals for a brief stint. Just for good measure, here's what happens when you run the full output of your garden hose through a small car engine:


Tire balance is a good place to start. Also, the U-joints may need to be lubricated or replaced. Slide underneath the car and check for loose driveline components. Usually a vibration upon acceleration indicates a driveline issue. If it's a FWD lancer, you may need to check or replace the differential fluid, and visually inspect the front driveshafts.


Getting the wheels balanced won't hurt. They are the typical culprit of a shaking steering wheel. Many tire places will even balance them for free. It would also be worthwhile to jack up the front of your car and check to see if you have any play in your control arms or in the tie rods, or if the boots are badly worn. I had a problem with a shaking steering ...

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