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Your rubber is grinding against the front wheel well liner - there is a plastic area there your tire grinds against on full lock because you upsized your wheels. Solution - take a heat gun and warm up the area where the tire grinds, then push it out a bit. Don't overheat as it easily melts. Here:


Usually, there are 2 types of valve cover gaskets - rubber and cork. RTV should not be used with rubber gaskets. For cork ones, I will sometimes cover the gasket in RTV. Put the gasket on a box, put some RTV on your finger and wipe a thin layer on each side. This will allow it to bond to the cylinder head and valve cover, but will not be thick enough to ...


I'm not a fan of RTV Others that are professional and hobbyists don't agree with me but, some do. I just don't use RTV, it's like duct tape to me. I get a physiological reaction to the acronym. I feel it has it's uses in very rare cases. Why don't I like RTV? Because if use too much it can create a bead inside of the motor and then eventually break ...


It turns out that the plastic end of the cable that connects the gear stick to the transmission broke, so the cable was loose. I had to unmount the plastic covers around the gear shift to find the problem. Our mechanic friend suggested a home built solution instead of having to replace the full cable, which would have required a lot more involvement. The ...

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