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There is a chance that your belt had some offset (1 tooth for example) and your exhaust valve was opening earlier/later. Now your belt is ok and sounds different.


I had a very similar problem on a Volvo a few years ago, in that case it turned out that the belt had stripped a couple of inches of teeth - so peering in the cover it looked intact, but didn't turn with the crank. This will become obvious if you remove the cover completely. You might be lucky though - a quick bit of googling reveals this quote: The ...


I've seen these symptoms once before. In that particular case it turned out to be a failing igniter/power transistor. Went on for nearly 2 years before the cause was isolated, but the igniter module had developed a crack and was arcing badly on first start, but somehow working properly on second start.


Try to use some acceleration after start (about 10% of throttle pedal). If it helps then check your idle air control valve

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