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I had a very similar problem on a Volvo a few years ago, in that case it turned out that the belt had stripped a couple of inches of teeth - so peering in the cover it looked intact, but didn't turn with the crank. This will become obvious if you remove the cover completely. You might be lucky though - a quick bit of googling reveals this quote: The ...


I've seen these symptoms once before. In that particular case it turned out to be a failing igniter/power transistor. Went on for nearly 2 years before the cause was isolated, but the igniter module had developed a crack and was arcing badly on first start, but somehow working properly on second start.


Try to use some acceleration after start (about 10% of throttle pedal). If it helps then check your idle air control valve


Your issue most likely has nothing to do with the control. The reason your system is cycling so rapidly is probably due to being undercharged with refrigerant. There may still be enough left to provide heat transfer (a cold evaporator) but not effectively chill the air. This will cause rapid compressor clutch cycling like you are experiencing. It is due to ...

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