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Unbalance tires maybe one of the reason. You may want to go to the shop and have its alignment checked. If they are new, you may have a free check up where you purchased them which i have done before.


If Mitsubishi say the engine's designed to run on 91 octane then it's fine to put that in it. Using 95 octane will only harm your wallet as it's usually more expensive than 91 octane, it won't have any effect on the engine.


It's absolutely fine to use 91.


Connect the factory head unit to the harness. While pressing the button measure each wire for changes. You should see a noticeable fluctuation that matches the button pushing. Tap into the cable(s) and create your own little harness with connector. Get a standard connector at the local auto parts store. Connect the button of your choice to the connector. ...

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