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Clearly, there is an issue with heat rejection when the car is stationary. There are several possibilities that could be contributing to this. Here are my thoughts: lack of air flow A fan that doesn't turn on when it should is the obvious go-to reason. Run the car up to temperature at idle with the AC running to replicate the overheating scenario and ...


One important thing here. What exactly do you mean by "the engine overheated"? How do you know that? Did a light come on? Did the gauge go into a warning zone? Did the A/C quit working altogether (that's by design.. ) Did you see steam coming out from under the hood? How do you know its overheating? I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just asking. Note: ...


As it's a security-specific component on a relatively new high-end car, I suspect you won't be able to use a second-hand part - You will probably have to get a new one from Mercedes. Even if you could use a second-hand one, you'll almost certainly have to take it to Mercedes to get them to reprogram it to your car.


I think in the C240 it is a permanent 4Matic system. As you can buy the C class without 4Matic as well. The clever systems of 4Matic wont effect fuel consumption so much so that its a deal breaker in my opinion. You could have this in the earlier (1995-1999) to turn them off but again this would have left a warning light on your dash. Which would indicate ...


I would check the alternator or you might have to change the battery, I notice that I had that problem. And once I changed my battery the problem went away. I believe it is a voltage drop which causes the volume to drop.

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