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Check your battery across its posts, do not use any wiring or its clamp. Post to post with a voltmeter will tell you if you have power in the battery. Then with the red lead connected to the positive post, check for voltage on the vehicles negative cable clamp at the battery. Red lead connected still, check for voltage at the negative cable earthing end, and ...


get a hot air soldering iron remove the transponder chip from the main board and solder new blank chip on then it can be programmed but you may need a key programmer to do could cost you about £100 total to do but better than £250


Is the radiator overflow tank properly connected and sealed? Overheating can be caused by the low coolant, caused by the radiator leak. Expanding coolant would expand out the hole in the radiator making the problem worse. Repairing or replacing the radiator would fix that. Overheating can also be caused by a blockage in the coolant passages, which would ...


Think I might be stupid. Should have checked around more. Checked around online, as I had before, but this time found a yahoo answer I had not seen before. "'98-'03 ML320 which would make it a gasoline engine and it uses 8 L or 8.5 quarts. ". Looks like I far underestimated how much oil this beast uses. Guess I'll oil it up some more and hope for the best.

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