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There are advantages, but also disadvantages to using a smaller turbocharged engine with a higher power output. The pro's of smaller, turbocharged engines: When not on boost (below e.g. 3000RPM) the engine uses much less fuel. turbocharged engines have a flatter torque curve, meaning they're working closer to optimal level throughout a larger portion of ...


In addition to size, weight and fuel economy, a small, highly tuned engine is going to be much more ecologically friendly. This is because a large engine producing 350 bhp can do it without being highly tuned - fuel is unlikely to be fully burned, emissions will be higher than with a smaller engine which can burn fuel more fully.


There are several advantages to a lower displacement engine over a larger one. Firstly is weight, an engine of 2,000cc will weigh significantly less than a 3,000cc engine because it will have a smaller block, this in turn decreases inertia of moving parts (such as the cylinder head and cam shaft). Secondly we can factor in fuel economy, if an engine has ...

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