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One important thing here. What exactly do you mean by "the engine overheated"? How do you know that? Did a light come on? Did the gauge go into a warning zone? Did the A/C quit working altogether (that's by design.. ) Did you see steam coming out from under the hood? How do you know its overheating? I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just asking. Note: ...


As it's a security-specific component on a relatively new high-end car, I suspect you won't be able to use a second-hand part - You will probably have to get a new one from Mercedes. Even if you could use a second-hand one, you'll almost certainly have to take it to Mercedes to get them to reprogram it to your car.


I think in the C240 it is a permanent 4Matic system. As you can buy the C class without 4Matic as well. The clever systems of 4Matic wont effect fuel consumption so much so that its a deal breaker in my opinion. You could have this in the earlier (1995-1999) to turn them off but again this would have left a warning light on your dash. Which would indicate ...


I would check the alternator or you might have to change the battery, I notice that I had that problem. And once I changed my battery the problem went away. I believe it is a voltage drop which causes the volume to drop.

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