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i am using an OBD-II sensor and the Andriod Torque too. it shows me 22 trip mpg on 4.8 chevy express cargo van. I don't think it's real. this number stays the same no matter how I drive - highways or stop-n-go city traffic.


You might want to try if your メニュー option (Menu) has a 設定 (Settings) option and inside there, a 言語 (Language) option. If it does, then most likely you can switch between the default 日本語 (Japanese) and 英語 (English). If you don't find it there but you own the car, it could be a matter of researching what Pioneer unit you have and get an update, but chances ...


Despite the apparent contradiction of it, using the AirCon and heater to defrost the windows is a very much quicker to clear the windows on a cold start. The Mazda is one of many cars that use this as a device to enable good visibility for a quicker drive away from starting.


P0403 is indeed the EGR system. The system includes actuators and electrical wiring and thier voltages, which all must be correct, not just the EGR valve assembly. Vacuum hoses and the EGR control solonoid are areas to check carefully. The PCV valve and system are also required to be checked carefully as they can affect the EGR valve if leaking air. The ...

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