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P0403 is indeed the EGR system. The system includes actuators and electrical wiring and thier voltages, which all must be correct, not just the EGR valve assembly. Vacuum hoses and the EGR control solonoid are areas to check carefully. The PCV valve and system are also required to be checked carefully as they can affect the EGR valve if leaking air. The ...


Disconnect your battery to reset your ECU. It won't hurt, and is probably the cheapest and easiest thing you can try. 30 minutes is usually enough. There are other theories as to why your mileage went down, but I think you're on the right track thinking the ECU hasn't learned to use the new data correctly. I am thinking that because your new 02 sensor is ...


you're going to need to adjust the idle. look inside your repair manual for the idle speed adjustment section. you should be able to use a paper clip or jumper wire for the dlc part for getting it in diagnostics mode.


You could simply have a bad sensor. Or two bad sensors. To test if your thermostat is functioning, start you car and let it idle while sitting motionless for about 5 minutes (longer on a cold day). Meanwhile turn on your heater and heater blower (fan). If the thermostat is bad (frozen in the closed position), it will not open after the engine warms up, ...

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