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To diagnose this I would back up your car and touch and smell the liquid. Antifreeze is usually green and slimy and shines in sun light. Water from condensation is usually colder if it just leaked out and well its water haha. Fuel, smells like fuel and stains and concrete with a dark discoloration turning blackish in the sun and smells like gas/ diesel. ...


I am only answering where the sensor is located.This video explains the whole procedure is nicely. Including the location and how to replace it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2vXZbFjlxI


What you are more than likely seeing is condensation from your A/C unit. The drain for these are usually located on the passenger side of the car about where the firewall is at (just behind the engine). This is completely normal.


I use rockauto.com extensively, as they seem to have all the parts and numbers to go with them. If it were a GM product, I'd use gmpartsdirect.com as they have a great database as well. I don't know if there is anything like that for Mazda parts (or Ford parts for the crossover of that). I'll see if I can find something when I get home this evening. While ...


Could you smell it when you open engine hood? Normally when you change oil, some gets spilled on exhaust pipe in engine bay. They get hot when rpm goes up, hence the smell. I suggest using some degreaser to clean exhuase pipe and any parts that gets hot.


I haven't found anything which definitively states one way or the other on the EGR valve for SKYACTIV-G technology. What I can tell you is the purpose of the EGR and because of that why the technology itself would not cause the demise of the EGR. EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation is a technology which was introduced to limit temperatures during combustion. ...


It is normal for tires to wear faster on the inside. When the alignment is done, the camber is set negative, so the tires lean slightly inward. They are typically more negative on the rear to help avoid oversteer. As for the clank - under what conditions do you hear it? going over bumps, in turns, braking, accelerating? can you recreate this noise while ...


The noise you describe is a VERY common issue with the transmission in the model of RX-7 you are driving. As a matter of fact, my current RX-7 (1991, 220k miles) has this exact same issue. Based on your description, the noise is almost certainly coming from the transmission's input shaft bearing - not any part of the clutch assembly, or anything that would ...

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