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A flashing check engine light means you may be doing damage to the catalytic converter if you continue to drive the vehicle. If the misfire is bad enough too much raw fuel is going into the exhaust, enough to do damage to the converter. I'm not sure it's required on OBD II, but several manufactures flash the light for this reason.


I have not had the pleasure of working on this model, and the service software I have doesn't give me a good picture of the situation. However, here are a couple of approaches to problematic oil filters (same applies to other parts as well): Does turning the wheel all the way (or part way) in one direction or the other cause the steering linkage to move ...


I can sympathize - ill-located greasy oil filters are a pain to get off. A few tips. use the FRAM filters that have the grippy/rubberized surface designed to give your fingers some purchase upon removal. try a combination of oil filter wrenches (the ones designed to go into a 3/8" drive ratchet) and extensions, u-joints, etc if space permits. get one of ...

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