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This is symptomatic of worn clutch master or slave cylinder. With the engine off, press the clutch pedal to the floor as slowly and as lightly as you can. If when you release the clutch pedal it is now without any pressure, this proves that the seals are worn out and allowing the clutch fluid to pass by the seals. At this vehicle age it would be advisable to ...


I don't know if you are able to on the Miata clutches, but you could try bleeding the master/slave. If that doesn't work, it sounds like you are going to have to replace the assembly. It sounds like either the master or slave (or both) is getting worn out. The car is over 20 years old. You cannot expect the little mechanical things to last forever.


The schools teach you to park in neutral to prevent you from causing the car to jerk forward the next time you start it and forget to step on the clutch first. So here goes: If you don't want to have a minor accident while starting your car because you forgot to step on the clutch, leave it in neutral. If you want the extra protection of having your front ...


My suggestion is always park with the transmission in gear and the park brake on. Along with curbing the wheels. Gear selection (forward or reverse) on flat ground, I choose reverse. My reasoning is that a vehicle parked curbside is more likely to be struck from the rear. Even a nudge from a careless driver can push the vehicle if it is only held by the park ...


It sounds like its shaking at higher RPMs. Check plugs, distributor, and exhaust for leaks. Also check your motor mounts. It may be your harmonic balancer. Check to see if its securely in place


Try doing a wheel balance and alignment. If that doesn't help may have to check a mechanic . Spindles could even be bent.

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