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Second gear is usually the first of the gears to start to fail because it is the most used gear of the set. The hub and clutch, baulk ring, and gear cone wear and cause the difficult engagement. The gearbox requires an overhaul to remedy the problem.


Bottom Line Up Front: Basically there is no difference. You will break either type by doing what you describe. To answer your question of why you shouldn't do neutral drops in an automatic transmission ... consider this: Internally, the transmission is made up of bands, planetary gears, clutches, steels, sprag units, servos, and at least one pump to move ...


Please note that I'm using descriptive terms in this answer; there is a lot more to the mechanics than I will cover. tl;dr: Yes. You certainly can damage the vehicle by shifting from N (neutral) into D (drive) when the engine is revving (not idle). In A Nutshell By dumping the clutch in a manual, a gear is already engaged and you are connecting the ...

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