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It sounds to me like the previous owner suspected an outer CV joint (which was my first thought when you described the problem) and changing it didn't fix the issue. I would double check that the outer CV joints look new and there is a good chance the problem could relate to one of the inner CV joints. Diagnosing the problem will likely be a case of ...


I may be missing something, since I'd expect someone would have mentioned this. But, just in case: the standard answer to (I think) the same question on 'Car Talk' was always that the drain hose from evaporator pan was plugged.


I had the same problem with my 2004 chevrolet malibu classic. I replaced the oxygen sensor, crank sensor, fuel pump, and thermostat. Come to find out, it was my computer module. If your check engine light do not come on and you continue to have a "no start" problem, it may be your computer module.

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