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This happens to me as well in my '06 HHR. For me, it's really just only when doing a small right turn I think. Lefts seem to go ok. When I was getting a heater core replacement, the mechanic that did it forgot to plug in a part of the airbag system, so I took it back, after which the turn signal would never turn off automatically no matter how I turned. ...


If there is no room for drill I would try to do as written in this guide. It seems that this could be a cheap solution for your problem. EZout extractor can be bought on ebay or maybe at your local house tools store. I hope it helps.


try a squirt of penetrine.As with all components wear and tear could be an issue.Putting a car in park on a hill before applying h/brake usually involves a lot of force to get out of park which can cause damage


Assuming the body of plug is still screwed into head squirt wd40 liberally and leave o/night.You can then purchase a thin straight wall plug socket much like you would use on a lawnmower (the type you put a screwdriver through to turn)This should easily fit in gap surrounding plug

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