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7hp is a strong engine for a small mower. I have a 6.5hp and it is no problem cutting thick tall grass. You definitely have a problem. I'm guessing the engine is starving for fuel because it needs a good cleaning. Spraying down the throat of the carb or putting cleaners in your fuel WILL NOT HELP. Take the carb off and clean all jets and passageways. You can ...


Scenario 1 Your carburettor might have been flooded, the fuel pump(vending machine) has a certain pressure with which it pours in fuel to your tank, your moped being small I am guessing not more that 4 litres of fuel capacity will be a small tank and when you are pretty close to empty or empty the pressure of the fuel coming in can flood your carburettor ...


Any exposed metal will be prone to oxidisation, especially if the people in charge of roads salt them in winter. ACF50 after a good wash should help protect it. Other products from wd40 and scottoiler are available but ACF50 seems to get the best reviews. Rinse the bike down after a wet ride or after riding on freshly salted roads. If your bike has a ...


One way to ensure the mileage is accurate is to check how worn the driver's seat is (compare it to the passenger's or back seats). If the car doesn't have a lot of miles, the seat shouldn't be too worn.

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