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I spoke to someone who has Grizzlys for similar work here, he suggested the following necessities and spare parts: Basic repair kit Carburetor Spark plugs Air filters Oil filters Brake/throttle cables Fuses CDI unit Starter coil Electrical relay


Overview There are a few items that would be considered essential regarding maintenance and consumable parts. Parts on quads that are considered consumable include the standard items such as break pads but also items such as brake levers. Since the vehicle may tip over, breaking a lever. Kit Items Tire repair kit. This would include a good set of ...


Seems fairly easy, and cheap to add a center stand to the bike once you buy it. It may even be an accessory available at the dealer Found here


The single most important thing you can do is to do regular oil and filter changes. I suggest doing it every 5k miles at most. Other than that, make sure your air intake and fuel injectors are good. If you have traction control, get someone to turn it down a bit to allow more wheelspin. This will ease the strain on your transmission. And if you notice ...


Where you need to start is at the O2 sensors and spark plugs, plus a thorough cleaning of the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor and upper intake tract. While looking at the scheduled maintenance guide for your vehicle, I'm not seeing these things mentioned (though I did a cursory glance). It is common practice for original O2 sensors and spark plugs to last for ...


Mechanics are very resourceful, and I doubt you'd have any issue working with them in India, even in ill equipped small shops. The company itself would have taken cognizance of this fact. Also, maybe this was a design decision since this is styled like a "cafe racer". You might have to shell out a little extra for the little inconvenience you cause. Get a ...


It sounds as though the clutch may be slipping during engagement. Depending on the brand there are ways to adjust the automatic clutch to engage at a lower RPM.

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