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My way is to change the carb on the engine. The bigger the carb the more powerful it gets. This is how it works the more air and fuel you give your engine the more power it makes, but remember if you put a too big carb you might burn the piston, then wish you all the best.


I personnally use Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 from Vinity Soft inc. (http://www.vinitysoft.com/fleet-management-software-4-0/) As you only have 5 vehicles to manage, it will only cost $89,95. It will do all you need and much more. It's the best among the few you mentionned.


I have never been able to find any empirical evidence to support the various claims made by different coolant manufacturers. As far as I know, it does not exist. There are no absolutes. You will not necessarily be safe even using coolant with the brand name of your car on it. I have been an auto mechanic for 35+ years. Back in the old days (actually not that ...

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