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I bought a GB400TT about a year ago. Iv'e fitted new h/bar grips, new front brake cable and had the front wheel re-spoked with stainless steel spokes. The bike is great to ride -handles like a dream, with it's light weight and punchy engine. I will get the rear wheel re-spoked this Winter. No problems whatsoever with the bike. I always change the oil ...


To get to basics, the rod (or connecting rod) is the portion of the engine which connects the piston to the crankshaft. Where the rod connects to the crankshaft there is a bearing which separates the rod itself from the crank journal. The bearing is made from a softer material than the rod or the crankshaft. You can see most all of the internal parts of an ...


Rod knock is caused by a severe failure of one or more crankshaft connecting rod bearings. Repairs require engine removal and complete disassembly at significant expense. The most common cause is lack of engine oil, this is usually the first part in an engine to fail when it runs out of oil. The second most common cause is very hard driving. The test is ...


That's perfectly fine. As long as you know to take care not to overfill (the level must never go above the MAX level, though there is a little room for error) you will be fine. It's not rocket science. Just pour oil into the engine and put the cap back. It's about as dificult as making tea.

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