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There is no such thing as detectable "reversion" airflow to a MAF. Especially on a non turbocharged car. The MAF has no clue about the direction of flow, only how much energy it takes to keep the wire or film heated. I doubt that the "negative" aspect of your graph is ever seen. Even at idle, you shoud see 2-5 g/s. I wonder why the graph is kg/h... that ...


It should be on or near the air cleaner assembly. It looks like a square thing with a 60 pin connector on it


I wouldn't if there are no obvious defects in the housing. Sometimes parts stores will only sell items as the complete package. When buying a thermostat from oreilly's auto parts for my forenza the only thing they would sell me is the whole housing unit with the thermostat. When searching on ebay, I found the thermostat without needing to buy the housing as ...


Well, it turns out that the 1996 Ford E350 doesn't have a Mass Air Flow sensor - hence the trouble finding it :-) Instead, it has a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor, which looks like this: And can be found here: Thanks for your help with this!

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