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I wouldn't if there are no obvious defects in the housing. Sometimes parts stores will only sell items as the complete package. When buying a thermostat from oreilly's auto parts for my forenza the only thing they would sell me is the whole housing unit with the thermostat. When searching on ebay, I found the thermostat without needing to buy the housing as ...


Nice engine you got there! While your issues do sound like a MAF problem (check the MAF readings via OBD!), some turbocharged Volvos are notorious for fuel pressure regulator issues. Basically the regulator diaphragm ruptures and fuel gets into the pressure regulation vacuum hose. Typically this causes poor starting (especially hot) because of an excessively ...


Too lean = too little fuel. I would probably try the fuel injector cleaning (Techron or comparable product) first and see if that clears up the issue. Next try swapping the fuel filter since this is usually a pretty simple/inexpensive repair. (Sorry, can't comment with current reputation)

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