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The oil pan never gets hot enough in normal operation to soften the metal of the oil pan or the drain plug, and any thermal expansion at that temperature also shouldn't be much of a concern. For me the ideal temperature is maybe about 20-30 minutes after a drive, or when I can safely put my hand on the drain plug for a few seconds. The oil is still warm ...


The maintenance schedules says At Each Oil Change: Open the left and right door (slowly) and inspect for excessive dirt. If noise exist wipe clean and apply krytox lube to the door rollers. Not sure if that's referring to the front driver/passenger doors or the sliding doors. I would break out the Mark I eyeballs and see if you can see any sign of ...


Changing the engine oil while it is hot is the usual way of changing engine oil. It allows the oil to flow from the engine more easily taking less time. Other then time-taken it will make no difference to an oil change. Both the sump and sump plug will have the same degree of expansion, minimal, and will have no real tendancy to cause damage. Damaged sump ...


Modern cars use such thin oil (especially those that take synthetics) that I don't even worry about whether it's warm or not anymore. If it's warm it'll do a little better (and quicker) job of draining, but I don't think it's worth starting the car up for.

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