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tl;dr: Ambient air temperature should generally not interfere with engine efficiency or fuel consumption, but will affect overall power output. Do not confuse efficiency with power output. These are two separate things. When your intake charge is more dense, you can throw more fuel at it and creates more power. (NOTE: The idea for the engine management ...


(Too late to help the OP, but for future searchers:) Aero people use United-Erie "EZ Turn Fuel Lube" (SAE or Mil Spec "G-6032D"). It isn't officially a sealant, so the clamps are still doing the work. But it is fuel resistant, thus forms a non-hardening layer between the metal and rubber parts, and you won't have to rip or distort the hoses from cranking ...


Mercon V is backwards compatible and can be used in place of Mercon. There is an alternative which is called Valvoline Dex/Merc which can be used in place of either of the original Dexron III or Mercon products.


There are many lubricants and get 'gummy' with cold. Perhaps the following will help. Let the motor idle and become warm. if it takes 15 minutes or more, fine. Just ensure the area you have an issue with is warm. Turn the motor off. (safety first) Use a carb cleaner to spray off the oil you used to lubricate. Procure a product with ...

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