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Doesn't sound like a flex plate or starter issue based on your description. A video would help to identify the sound. Does anything make the sound better or worse? Does it do it all the time? From under the hood where does it sound like the sound is coming from? You can use a mechanical stethoscope or a long screwdriver to find the location of the noise. ...


I can't say for certain if it's bad. However, I would not let the transmission run dry while the pump is moving. If it's anything like the oil pump on a car engine, it will use it for lubrication of the valve bodies and hydraulic parts. It may get air in bad places as well. However, they do make automatic transmission transfusion machines that do almost ...


Cold water will not crack the block. The hose procedure is common and you just have to be sure that you add the correct amount of antifreeze and water (preferably demineralized) when you are finished flushing. Remember that automobiles in colder climates sometimes start when their coolant is below freezing. Granted both the engine and the coolant warm up ...


The timing is advanced. -12 means 12 degrees before TDC (Top Dead Center) and likewise -35 means the timing is advanced 35 degrees. I wouldn't worry much about the short term trim, unless you are having driveability problems. If you post the actually numbers including the long term trim I may be able to give you more information.


What you see here is what remains of my starter. I think it's safe to say that I need a new one.

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