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This is the perfect use case for the Pac tr-7. It's basically a programmable relay. You can set it up to do all sorts of tasks, usually around bypassing the requirement that a vehicle be in park for video to play or disabling traction control on startup. Good luck man.


I would try to lubricate the door lock mechanism and linkages. You probably have to remove the inner door panel to get to it all. Also, lube the actual lock with tri flow or a dry ptfe type lube.


With difficulty ;) Remove the door card (interior trim) if it's not off already - this should reveal a number of holes in the inner skin of the door. Using a small mirror and a torch, try to work out where the wire has gone - it'll probably be in the most inconvenient place possible! You'll then need to use something to try and grab it - I'd recommend a ...


You could take the screw out of the center of the knob. Remove it, then put it on only to shut off or turn on the fuel.

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