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You can use a wheel lock removing set. I believe most automotive stores will sell them. They can also easily be found online. Or you can drill the nut and stud. Which takes a long time. It would be faster & cheaper to pay a mechanic for a half hour labor to remove your wheel locks.


The power door lock circuit includes the Body Control Module, Door Lock Switches, and Door Lock Actuators. The upper plug has no relevance in the circuit and is used partly as the door ajar circuit. The lower plug with the tan and gray wires are for the door lock actuator. The door lock switches are 3 wire. Black is ground, red/black is output signal to ...


I suspect you'll have to take that to a shop - I had a very similar set of locks on a car before, I tried using a remover set like the one in Ben's answer, but it didn't get anywhere - the outer chromed ring split in two circumferentially and just span - the tyre shop used a special single-use tool that was hammered into the keyhole and deformed to fit.

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