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I am having Honda Accord 2005,I am facing the same problem,my headlamp keep "ON" even after swith turned OFf and engine OFF... wireman checked and advise possibly the relay Inside the sealed box attached together with the fuse compartment.He cant Open the Sealed box to check and replace any relay related to the headlight still. Can anyone advise what to do ...


Ok does anyone have a diagram of this but with the drl on full power?


If you're going to use normal fog lights, or other 55w Halogens, you'll need a relay, so you're not drawing the full 10A through the existing circuit. You can find plenty of wiring diagrams on Google, and the parts will only cost you the price of a couple of beers - a relay, a fuse & holder and some wire. If it were me however, I'd look at the newer LED ...

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