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A couple of tests you can do to help determine what is happening. Head gasket: Compression test. minimum 120 psi, should all be within ~10% Oil and coolant are mixed. Check oil and coolant. Exhaust smells like coolant or burning oil. Might smoke excessively Bubbling in the radiator while running. Check plugs for oil/coolant. Cooling System: First, fix ...


This is a bit difficult to diagnose over the internet, but it sounds like you have a coolant circulation problem as well as a pretty bad oil leak. I would take it to GMC or Chevrolet and pay them to diagnose it. It only costs $100.00. A skilled tech can tell you exactly whats wrong with it and how to go about fixing it. If it's a head gasket (Which it sounds ...


2 possible causes I can think of. Dimmer switch had been turned all the way down or the dimmer part of the switch is bad. You can still turn on the dome light even when the dimmer part is inoperative. Fuse for instrument Cluster is bad, I think it is Fuse #15 (7.5amp) on that model. Interior fuse panel.


This is very common, and not a problem. When you are starting your car, the load on the battery is huge compared to when the engine is running, as the starter motor is having to turn the crankshaft and push the pistons while the oil is cold and thick, and additionally compressing air into the cylinders, pumping fuel and causing a spark, while also driving ...

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