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I would never ignore a worn tie rod; you could be driving down the road, hit a serious bump, and suddenly lose your ability to steer in a straight line, or worse. If you have the the tie rod replaced, I doubt that any reputable mechanic would tackle that without also repairing the power steering rack. I personally would never ignore any kind of steering ...


I am Having the same problem with my 03 Jaguar X-Type. The diagnosis is a bad water pump. Im replacing the engine coolant reservoir tank as well, it appears to be in bad shape as well and is leaking a bit too.


The screech is from the tension on the belt being too low. Usually it's a worn belt or the pump slipping. On my 2002 civic I am pretty sure the power steering belt was separate from the serpentine and that the pump is also acting as a tensioner. For the leak, check the connections to and from the pump. There should be an o-ring underneath the connector on ...

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