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Perhaps because your exhaust pipe is hotter when it runs longer, and is cold enough when not running much to burn the oil. Anyways you could buy a special paste to fill-block the leak.


It is normal behavior in most vehicles for the A/C compressor to kick on when the controls are set to defrost or partial-defrost. It works this way to throw dry (dehumidified) air at the windshield to get it to clear faster. If the weather outside were below freezing and you pumped humid air at it (even your the humidity in your breath would do it) onto the ...


I'd suggest you're right in your diagnosis and, yes, it should be safe to drive on a minimal basis. The only issue you might see is a check engine light due to the tank not being sealed completely. Also, your fuel will absorb more water than it would otherwise, though this will still be only a small amount. Be careful while fueling and get the repair done as ...


Doorman and others make a valve removal tool that comes with both high low PSI fittings. It snaps on to the valve head then you connect then removal portion that has a ball-cock. Start by connecting to which ever valve and remove inner Schrader valve it will blow valve up into tube and then shut ball cock and unscrew top tube remove bad Schrader and insert ...

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