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I appears to be coming from the front and the center of the engine. I could be a hose near the water pump. The water pump itself may have failed. Most water pumps have a weep hole that drips when the seals fail. It is on the bottom of the pimp and difficult to see. You may be able to feel it by reaching under the pump, it is a small hole about half the ...


The one time I had a persistently leaking hose, it was because the hose was too big. I had put a 12mm hose on a 10mm nipple and no matter how tight I made the clamp, coolant would slowly bubble out of it. I actually tightened it so much that the clamp was starting to cut into the rubber. Needless to say, installing a 10mm hose fixed the problem.


When you install a hose clamp there are a few concerns to ensure it doesn’t leak. First of all, ensure the hose is in good shape on the inside and the outside. If it is cracking anywhere around there, it will probably leak and before long (if it must hold pressure) it may fail completely. Second, ensure the hose is sufficiently placed upon the tube it will ...

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