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2002 intrepid would just click click click. jump it, it would fire right up. autozone alt/battery are good. took off all negative cables and cleaned them tighten them all backdown and the car fired right up..


Sorry to tell you this, but more than likely the engine is dead. If I am correct in assuming that the Kia Rio has aluminum heads, I'd go out on a limb and say that the heads are likely warped, and you are leaking oil into the cooling system. It could be an out of place gasket, but my guess is that it is either a crack somewhere in the water jacket or a ...


Yes, if you remove this, you will lose all of your refrigerant. There is not shut off valve. The way it should be done is by a qualified A/C repair person. They will remove all of the refrigerant from the system (vacuum it out), replace the sensor, replace the drier, draw a vacuum on the system, then if no leaks, fill the system again with the proper amount ...

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