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If your remote key have battery then pull it out fast. The other thing you can use your vacuum cleaner. You can try to get as much of that moisture out as possible. Hope this information will help you.


get a hot air soldering iron remove the transponder chip from the main board and solder new blank chip on then it can be programmed but you may need a key programmer to do could cost you about £100 total to do but better than £250


If you can access the electronics soon after they get wet, the chances are pretty good to keep it working. Unfortunately, after all this time, it's kind of a long shot. There are three major things that happen when you get a circuit board wet: The battery voltage can short across to the wrong parts of the circuit. This will cause it to fail, but seldom ...


The dealership should be able to make the key from the VIN. Since you do not have a registered key already, you will not be able to program it yourself. The vehicle will have to be somewhere it can be reprogrammed with the new key(s). You can call a lock smith to come out and reprogram the car, but chances are it's going to be just as expensive as having it ...

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