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It probably has an RFID chip inside that's read by the car in order to deactivate the immobiliser. I wouldn't have thought it would be affected by water, but I'd not take it too deep... I'm guessing from this and your other recent question that you are taking part in an activity that involves getting yourself wet, and you want to keep your keys dry? I'd ...


Try this, 1) Turn the key to the Run position and leave it for 10 minutes. 2) Shut the ignition off for 10 seconds. Repeat steps one and two, two more times and try cranking. If that doesn't work you need to go to a dealer to have the ECM reprogrammed or disable the VATs system.


I have just had a Mercedes Key that would not unlock the doors but would start the Vehicle. So I sent it to a specialist car key doctor This is what he found. Check out Mercedes Smart Key, find damaged casing and switches and bad connections. Remove all switches and fit 3 new switches, redo bad connections, fit 2 new batteries and test, key working but ...

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