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You are describing a lean condition The more you open your throttle the more vacuum you are creating in your carburetor venturi and your intake manifold. When you are operating at higher RPM any unmetered air leaks into your system can become more obvious. Unmetered air is air that is getting into your system after the fuel has been delivered. If you ...


It sounds a lot like a fuelling issue to me, I'd suggest a systematic approach to the carbs. Get the workshop manual for the bike and try the following: Check fuel supply Check float level Check idle mixture Check that jets are clear Check that all vacuum hoses are routed and connected correctly Check that carb diaphragms are intact and needles slide ...


If I then pull the clutch and completely stay of the gas, the rpm stays at 6000 and doesn't drop Sounds like you did something wrong during the rebuild, all you can do is pull the carbs and check your work, also check throttle cables for proper routing and adjustment. Did you clean the fuel tank valve and screen?


There is a hose that connects your air box to this As stated in comments, this is connection point for a PCV hose. The hose connects to the bottom of your air box that attaches to your carburetors. This hole allows for crankcase ventilation. Any gasses that should not be released into the atmosphere can be vented here. It should get pulled back into ...


The Breather fitting is missing according to the diagram, you can buy one on Bike bandit. Original OEM Part number was 92005-1129 Also it looks like 92005-1017 may be a tube that attaches to it, but not sure, schematics are not that good. You could call BikeBandit on the phone to figure out what is missing.


Your carbs are clogged with varnish and bad gas The remnants of gas that has evaporated are a gummy hard varnish inside of your carburetors. You have a bit of work to do. You need to completely disassemble the carburetors and thoroughly clean all of the nooks, crannies, jets, fuel galley's and air galley's in order to get your bike back in working order. ...


It sounds like your carb(s) are plugged and need cleaned. If the fuel in the carbs has ethanol in it, the carbs are going to be caked with crap. The floats could be ruined. There are a lot of things going on. Getting the carbs rebuilt or at the very least cleaned up, is going to be a must. All of the symptoms you saying are pointing to carb issues.

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