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Anarach has provided a good survey of the Backfire (or afterfire in this case, if you're being pedantic) phenomenon. I will attempt to add to that keeping it specific to the H2R. Watch this video, the flames are a lot more exaggerated in this case. The H2R, is a track-only hyper-sport bike with every consideration given to make the engine produce most amount ...


The phenomenon of flames coming out of the exhaust of any vehicle is called a Backfire Basically when you either run rich or lean in the power stroke of the combustion which is not completely burnt , it is sent through the exhaust which obviously being hot reignites with the outside air on contact creating the Backfire effect. This can be of two types: ...


I found it, on the last page of the Service Manual there is the correlation between the frame number and the version : So mine is a C5, not a C2 as I thought. And as zglennie said, you can make a call to your dealer too.


Try looking it up by the VIN. It should be on your frame somewhere. You can look it up at http://www.carfax.com/vin Also, if it's your motorcycle, you could just split the difference on the fork oil height. The two specs are 7mm apart, so you'd be off by at most 3.5mm. You could also call your local Kawasaki dealer with the VIN.

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