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My hunch is that your battery is not charging, and you're probably running the battery all the way down, which would explain why it runs ok for a short period of time after you jump it. Have you checked your fuses? there is usually a 'charge fuse' for the voltage regulator. I would look at that first. The next item would be the regulator. Go over the ...


Are you sure it's the alternator that's whining? Check your connections the Field plug on the alternator and the alternator to battery cable. There should never be zero volts coming out of the alternator. It will always be battery voltage or charging voltage. Test voltage at the battery. then at the alternator if the alternator show charging voltage there ...


You need either a digital storage oscilloscope or a noid light to test signal from the PCM to the injectors. If you don't have a DSO you will also need a multi-meter. You want to disconnect an injector, check the connector for fit and check the pins for corrosion etc... Injectors have 2 wires. Shared power and PCM ground. Power will always be the same ...


This could be any number of things, a bad injector, broken wire, or a loose or corroded connector. I'd start by checking the connections to all the injectors. Make sure there's no crud in the connector and that it's making good contact. You didn't mention whether there are any other symptoms beyond the error code.


Assuming the coolant is full, I'd take a look at the heater core & hoses. When the engine is up to temperature, both hoses should be roughly the same temperature. If one is cold and the other hot you can try flushing the heater core with a garden hose. A shop would be able to do a high pressure/chemical flush if the garden hose method fails.

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