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Some cars have timers that keep the lights on for so many seconds after you close the door, this is done with an electronic timer and the timer may not be compatible with led's, leaking voltage. Only solution is to locate the timer and wiring diagram for it and bypass the timer, this would require some skill.


Your oil pan didn't rust I would just like to point out that your oil pan can't just rust out. It is made of material that doesn't rust. So when you had a hole in your oil pan it more than likely hit a rock or curb or something that penetrated it. Perhaps the other driver of the vehicle. On the other hand, if your oil pan was replaced with something ...


In theory your fix should not harm anything. You won't have any heat in the vehicle, but basic mechanical principle should lead to No it won't hurt anything. Jeep and just Chrysler in general have issues with HVAC quite frequently. As far as how quickly it failed, 4 years isn't unreasonable, but does seem odd. Chrysler ordered a change out of coolant types ...


For the TPS codes, it's probably a ground issue. Check for ground on the orange/dark blue wire. If you have ground on that wire disconnect and examine the connector for damage or a pin that's come loose. If you don't have ground you're going to have to examine the wiring harness especially around the rear of the valve cover. There is a splice in the ...


Just to post the OP's answer to get this closed out: "I just got a new battery a few months ago took the jeep up to napa they tested it n its a bad alternator."

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