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Auto or manual it is allways wise when towing a heavy load (particularly when going uphill) to engage a lower gear


My H.I.D. plug and play light upgrade cost me $350 (easy instal)and is superior in every way compared to usual factory fit.They don't run hot and as every car I have owned has adjusting screws on headlight surround meeting legal requirements should not be a problem. Makers of these kits usually advise starting engine before turning h/lights on


Yes, your alternator is the culprit as the engine is running on battery power. Before you purchase a new one, though, take it to your local Autozone, Pepboys, Checker, or the like and have them test it. They will do it for free. I take it since you didn't say the steering became hard, that the serpentine belt is still running correctly. If it was difficult ...

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