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With your added information, this sounds like there is a definite problem with the transmission. Your description leads me to believe it probably has something to do with the clutches being worn out in conjunction with low line pressures (or some such). I would definitely believe the transmission is due for an overhaul. If you pull the dipstick, does the ...


Your clutch slips probably, soon or later you won´t be able to accelerate anymore, just to be sure I understood it like that, you step on gas pedal, rpm´s get high, no acceleration, then when you step out a bit it catches and car starts to accelerate again, right?


Check that muffler internals have not corroded and collapsed there by blocking exhaust; just tap with a rubber mallet and listen for rattling inside. Inadvertently backing car into a dirt bank can also block exhaust preventing starting.


3M has always made quality products. I don't know the Sonax brand, so in the interest of fairness I'm going to assume it's very good. But if the 3M product is cheaper, I would gladly spend my own money on it.

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